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Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

on June 21, 2014

lemoncelloby Chris Grabenstein.

Twelve-year-old Kyle gets to stay overnight in the new town library, designed by his hero (the famous gamemaker Luigi Lemoncello), with other students, but finds that come morning he must work with friends to solve puzzles in order to escape.

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  1. Omangamer99 says:

    This book is great!! I like this book because Mr.Lemoncello is awesome and makes so many cool inventions that I would love to use. It is for people that like to read books that are about games and challenges because this book is full of challenges.

  2. luv2sing says:

    12 year old Kyle learned from his friend Akimi that there’s an essay contest and there will be 12 winners. If you win you get to stay over night at the new library in his town and the library is built by his idol Mister Lemoncello. He is a big toy designer. The essay was due the day Kyle heard about it so will he be one of the kids who wins the essay contest? Read the book to find out more!

  3. cello says:

    This is one of my favorite DCF books ever because of the main character Kyle. He is awesome because he got picked on a lot by Charles but he never was mean back. I love fiction. It is my favorite type of book. I also love how wacky Mr Lemoncello is.

  4. blue arrow says:

    The book The Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library was very good. it’s about a kid named Kyle and a couple of other kid playing a massive game. The last person to get out of the library get’s a prize for wining the game.

  5. math journal says:

    MR. LEMONCELLO IS SO COOL HE HAS A BIG LIB! [Extra punctuation deleted. — Kate Davie]

  6. magic hat says:

    I think Mr.Lemoncello is a really cool guy because he can create almost everything that he wants like fun board games and designed the whole library himself. I like that the library use to be a bank.

  7. Animelover92 says:

    I love how creative this book is! I think that Kyle was a great character for this story. I love how there is a bad guy and a good guy. I like how kind Kyle is.

  8. lewis101 says:

    I really loved this book because I thought it was amazing when Kyle won the essay contest to go to Mr. Lemoncello’s new library.

  9. lemon says:

    This book was awesome because it gave you info even though it was fiction. Also I love Sierra Russell. Also the first elimination was exciting. I also like the main character Kyle because he was nice, not like Charles Chiltington.

  10. Jordan says:

    This is a REALLY awesome good book. If you like to read mysteries to solve puzzles and inventing new games I think this book is just right for you!

  11. JTbubster says:

    Kyle is the youngest kid of 3 brothers, just like my littlest brother, and Kyle never gets his way and when he does, something bad happens. My littlest brother almost never gets a turn first or wins any games that take smarts. Kyle only wins the game against his brothers because he took a short cut, but got in trouble for breaking a window.

  12. JTbubster says:

    I can’t believe that Kyle wrote such a bad essay and still got into the library. I think Mr. Lemoncello put the balloons on the railing just for Kyle.

  13. JTbubster says:

    Responding to EB927: I think the Bengal tiger is cool, but the fact that Mrs. Tobin can actually speak is even cooler. Mrs. Tobin can appear wherever you need her.

  14. JTbubster says:

    I think that Miguel didn’t hear the loudspeaker because he was so focused on the book in front of him.
    I think that Miguel didn’t really need to hear the loudspeaker because he didn’t take a challenge.
    Mr. Lemoncello was smart by doing the clunker cars because there was a chance you could get something good.

  15. mwrooneycasillas says:

    Also like eb927 was saying I think they put peoples names in cap because maybe the people are very important.

  16. mwrooneycasillas says:

    Like what cdobsmonument was saying I also like mr.lemancello I do not know how he comes up with this stuff.

  17. mwrooneycasillas says:

    I think it is very cool that mr.lemancello can make holograms from the past.If you like mystery/puzzle/games this is your kind of book.

  18. rrmessi says:

    there is people trying to escape from libraries and and i love the mystery but i think the teams for the games are a little unfair but [Spoiler info deleted. –Kate Davie]team still wins any way

  19. mwrooneycasillas says:

    I think this book is very unique because they usually do not make books about people trying to escape from libraries. Although when they try to escape from the library it is a game that mr.Lemoncello put together for his birthday.

  20. rrmessi says:

    i like the book because it has a lot of mystery

  21. CMwaterpower says:

    I have a lot of DCF books yet I do like adventures and mysteries plus fantasies do you think I will enjoy this book.It sounds really good from all the blog posts that I have heard is it true.

  22. EB927! says:

    SRbruins, when I picked up this book, I knew I would like it. If you like games, puzzles, and fun this is your type of book. It has lots of games and riddles for you to find out on your own. I really recommend this book to you because it is super funny, exciting, and suspenseful.

  23. EB927! says:

    LB23waterfalls, I agree with NHpupcat, at the very end of page 192, Mr. Lemoncello told J.J to tell everyone about what a clunker card is over the loudspeaker. The only thing I didn’t understand was how the other characters besides Miguel didn’t hear the loudspeaker. Any help?

  24. EB927! says:

    I think that it is cool that Mr. Lemoncello can make holograms and other things like smell-o-vision.I wonder how many holograms Mr. Lemoncello keeps in his amazing library. I also wonder why when Mrs. Tobin, a hologram, speaks to a character, their name is always in all caps.

  25. EB927! says:

    I like how the library owns a white Bengal tiger that is supposed to be kept in the zoology section but is actually stationed next to The Jungle Book. I think that the tiger is a hologram but is made very realistic. On the cover there is a tiger but it looks too small. I picture the tiger really big like a lion.

  26. Srbruins says:

    I really really want to read this book because ever body says this book is great .

    Well, don’t let anything get in your way, go for it! Kate Davie

  27. bookworm says:

    The book was so imaginative and vivid, the words jumped right off the page while I was reading it.

  28. HRR says:

    I literally read this book in two days. It grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I love that Mr. Lemencello is a big time video game maker but also loves to read at the library. I think it was a great idea for a library locking try to find your way out without triggering the alarms! And trying some games in the process will Kyle Keeley and his friends make it out in 24 hours read the book to see.

  29. StylishJess6 says:

    This book was very good and would probably be one of my top five favorite books. This is a great book if you like problem solving and adventure.

  30. Mamamoomoo says:

    When Mr.Lemoncello escapes with the kids, why does he say
    “I don’t want to be late for my own birthday party!”?

    Well, it could be a coded message. Or, it could just be that he wanted the biggest piece of cake. Any DCFers out there care to venture an opinion? Kate Davie

  31. NHpupcat says:

    LB23waterfalls, I think the reason why Miguel knew that it was the fault of a clunker card on page 195 because J.J. announced it over the speaker system.

  32. NHpupcat says:

    In chapter 36,page 192 ,how does Mr. Lemoncello signal to J.J.? The simple pressof a button would make more sense to me. Is J.J. a real person or a recording? Since the library is so complex, how come it seems like he can call off-screen and some one will come to his aid?

  33. sfsteve says:

    I have heard that Escape from Mr.Lemoncello’s Library is a great book.Most of my friends have recommended it to me.I can’t wait to read it!

  34. sf\steve says:

    I have heard that Escape from Mr.Lemoncello’s Library is a great book.Most of my friends have recommended it to me.I can’t wait to read it!

  35. gold fish says:

    i love this book so much and how there is a crazy libraryin.this book is awsome.if you are a long book lover then this is your book]

  36. NHpupcat says:

    Ezme, I can honestly say that I completly agree. After reading this book I dreamed of going to such a place. Why do you think it was so good? Libraries are one of my favorite places to be.Do you ever imagine you could live in a book? I sure do!

  37. LB23waterfalls says:

    Louisa, what do you mean by visuals? Please write back!

  38. LB23waterfalls says:

    On page 195 chapter 37 how does Miguel know about the Clunker Card?

  39. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy this book so much when my dad told me to strop at the next chapter I frogot and kept reading until he came back inagain and told me to stop.

  40. lesmisfan12342 says:

    I have not gotten very far in this book yet but it is still really good.

  41. LB23waterfalls says:

    I am not to far into this book but I enjoy it very much. The escapes in it remind me of a bo0ok that has escapes where you have to solve puzzles. The book Iam talking about is called The Gollywhopper Games. It is a very good book to.

  42. NHpupcat says:

    Lilcholsterpink9, why did you think that the book looked so good? Personally, I loved it, and I would recommend it to you. When did you see the book title or description? My class was doing a book report and I picked Escape From Mr.Lemoncello’s Library. Do you think that you will read it?

  43. NHpupcat says:

    I really loved this book when I read it. It all starts when Kyle forgets his report about the new library in town… then kablammo- a whole new story emerges, and Kyle’s life is changed. Mr.Lemoncello is famous for games and puzzles, but this is the biggest one yet…

  44. MJ got dat power says:

    [Off topic comment deleted.] Kate Davie

  45. Ezme says:

    This book is awesome!you never now what is around the corner in this book.I read it in my 3rd grade class.I love this book and i hope you like it too.

  46. Louisa says:

    Just plain Awesome! Great visuals!

  47. LB23waterfalls says:

    Lil, do you think that you are going to read this book? Why or why not?

  48. CdobsMonument says:

    I love this book! I like how mentions a lot of other books! Mr.Lemoncello is awesome!

  49. NHpupcat says:

    I loved the last minute escape!

  50. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    Wow looks like a good book [Off topic info deleted — Kate Davie].Lil

    I’m sure the book designer would be pleased to hear that! Kate Davie

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