Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

The Boundless

Twelve year old Will Everett longs for excitement. Easier said than done for this shy and retiring boy who’s an artist, not an adventurer. He’s nothing like his strong father, who works on the first transcontinental Canadian railroad. After the ceremony to commemorate the maiden voyage of the magical train the Boundless, Will is thrust into adventure when he is caught in a deadly avalanche and later witnesses a murder. Will’s courage will be tested against gun-wielding villains, the Canadian wilderness, and a Sasquatch while he rides on the Boundless, all 18 miles of it. Will joins forces with Maren, a strong-willed tightrope walker who is traveling with the circus, and together they risk their lives to save the Boundless from disaster. Come aboard the most magnificent train ever built and be prepared to be thrilled!

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