Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

The Magic Misfits

on August 26, 2018
Sleight of hand — some people use it for entertainment, Uncle Sly uses it to steal. Carter escapes from his Uncle and a dastardly life of crime, and finds a new life with a group of talented misfits. Can they use their skills with illusions and performance arts to save the town from a sleazy circus of thieves?

5 Responses to “The Magic Misfits”

  1. Billy the cow says:

    I really like The Magic Misfits. Carter is the main character and finds friends after running away from his uncle. His friends are magicians. I liked it because there are good and bad magicians at B.B. Bosso’s circus.

  2. willa says:

    This book is really good its full of adventure and magic. I love how a actor is the author of this book. My favorites are
    Theo and Riddly. I recommend this for all ages that can read it.

  3. laney says:

    I’ve just started this book and so far it is real good. Read this if you like MAGIC TRICKS because that is what this book is about. 🙂

  4. nutty-cat says:

    Carter is a boy with dexterous fingers and a path to greatness. Or, when he hops onto a canary yellow box-car to get away from his treacherous uncle, a path to a small perfect town in which an evil magician is planning to steal the worlds largest diamond. With the help of several newfound friends Carter hopes to defeat this evil mastermind, and possibly find his real family.

  5. Ardan says:

    I think this book is very good and I recommend reading it if you are interested in magic tricks. This is because it will teach you how to do a few. It was very exciting to read with lots of surprises.

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