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The Mad Potter: George E. Ohr, Eccentric Genius

on June 21, 2014

mad potterby Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan.

Illustrated with evocative historical photographs and over fifty color reproductions of his ceramics, The Mad Potter tells the extraordinary story of an eccentric American maverick who was determined to make his mark and who never stopped believing that even the unlikeliest dreams can come true.

11 Responses to “The Mad Potter: George E. Ohr, Eccentric Genius”

  1. vanossgaming says:

    I like it and don’t at the same time because I don’t like pottery. But what I like about it is that it’s nonfiction.

    Did you read Primates? — Kate Davie

  2. TGM says:

    The artwork is beautiful. But that’s not the point of the book. This book has an important life lesson! Read to find out what that lesson is!

  3. Dancer 22 says:

    This was a short book but it’s an great book it has a life lesson😍

    Hmm, what is the life lesson? Is it good to be a mad genius? — Kate Davie

  4. hello kitty lover says:

    I love all the art work it’s beautiful.

  5. MATER says:

    I tink he is a insparation.

    What does he inspire you to do? — Kate Davie

  6. ols17 says:

    I would say that this book is a little short, but it has a lot about pottery the person did. This isn’t the best book I’ve read, but it would inspire any potential people who’d like to do pottery.

  7. madlover#94 says:

    This book was amazing if you like books that read slow and steady then go into fast. You will love all the info in this book and the book itself. Also if you like nonfiction you will love this book. If you are an artist like me you will get a lot of ideas from this book.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i like this book

    Do you think he was really mad? Kate Davie

  9. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    it means maybe. Lil

  10. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    Yes I do well in the middle. lil

    In the middle of . . . ? Kate Davie

  11. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    My friends really want to read this.

    What about you — do you want to read it? Kate Davie

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