Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Sweep: The Story of a Girl and her Monster

on August 31, 2019

Nan, a young chimney climber in Victorian London, has to carry on without her protector the “Sweep” when he disappears, leaving behind only his hat and a small piece of coal. The coal comes to life in the form of a golem to save Nan from a near-death experience and together they protect each other from the grim realities of nineteenth-century London. Combining fantasy, history and Jewish folklore, this is a heartwarming, funny and adventurous tale of love, friendship, and loyalty.

3 Responses to “Sweep: The Story of a Girl and her Monster”

  1. Lizzy C says:

    I LOVED this book. It was absolutely wonderful!

  2. goldfish wizard 73 says:

    This story of a girl in Londen in the 1900s is about Nan Sparrow’s life as a chimney sweeper. It is a heartwarming story about her and her protector Charlie, the golem she found as a child. At the beginning when the mysterious chimney sweep left her he left her with just a piece of coal that was always warm. To find out more read Sweep a story of a girl and her monster.

  3. baty41 says:

    This is a slightly sad, slightly happy story. This is historical fiction mixed with quite a bit of fantasy. I really liked it, but it also was very sad. I liked it because the author of the book mixed historical fiction and fantasy. I think it is best for a fifth grade reader.

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