Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Zebra Forest

on June 21, 2014

zebra forestby Adina Rishe Gewirtz.

When eleven-year-old Annie first started lying to her social worker, she had been taught by an expert: Gran. She told Annie and her little brother, Rew, the one thing they know about their father: that he was killed in a fight with an angry man who was sent away. Annie tells stories, as she and Rew laze under the birches and oaks of Zebra Forest — stories about their father the pirate, or pilot, or secret agent.

14 Responses to “Zebra Forest”

  1. Mee2016 says:

    This is possibly one of my favorite DCF books. The author did a great job of adding mystery and suspesce into the plot. This was an awesome book!

  2. Pompeii7 says:

    Zebra Forest is one of my favorite DCF books. I say this because at first it was sad when the children don’t know who their parents are. Then when the prisoner comes to their house, it is mysterious because they didn’t know who he was. But then they find out something life changing! I couldn’t stop reading it! I definitely recommend this book!!!

  3. RMT says:

    Zebra Forest was a good book. I say that because because Gran was lieing the whole time about there [Spoiler info deleted — Kate Davie]. I loved how good of a big sister Annie was to Rew and I respect her decison to not send Rews letter cause shen want to get to know her dad. I recommend this book to old kids cause its sometimes hard to understand.

  4. kepo says:

    This story was really good. It was a little weird but it was still good.

    What did you think was the weird part? — Kate Davie

  5. #CrayCray says:

    This book was very good. I couldn’t stop reading it. But the man in jail was kind of weird though.

    Well, yes, weird is one word. How else could you describe the man in jail? — Kate Davie

  6. Hannah says:

    This story was really good. Parts of it was weird, but I couldn’t stop reading.

  7. Shealin says:


  8. Ja man says:

    I thought the book was alright, it didn’t really keep me wanting to read it though.

    Well, some DCF readers have really liked its psychological tension — but no book is right for everybody. I’m sure you will be able to find another title on the list that speaks to you more! — Kate Davie

  9. Haflingerpony Meg10 says:

    I loved this book it was awesome the characters were great in the story.The dad was also a great character.I LOVE THE STORY PLOT it was a weird but cool.

  10. CMwaterpower says:

    What is this book about it has to do with Zebras because of the title.Is it a good book I hope so because I am interested in reading this book.

    It IS a good book, but it is totally zebra-free. I think you should read it to find out why the title is appropriate! — Kate Davie

  11. B R A D Y says:

    I thought this book was very interesting and exiting it kept me on my toes till the end

  12. cool kid says:


    Why do you think so? Kate Davie

  13. lilchlosterpink9 says:


  14. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    it looks like a good book

    Let us know what you think when you get the chance to read it! Kate Davie

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