Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Salt: A Story of Friendship In A Time of War

on June 21, 2014

saltby Helen Frost.

Twelve year-olds Anikwa, of the Miami village of Kekionga, and James, of the trading post outside Fort Wayne, find their friendship threatened by the rising fear and tension brought by the War of 1812.

8 Responses to “Salt: A Story of Friendship In A Time of War”

  1. RJN says:

    I liked it because it had a lot of different things like animals and humans and all living things.

  2. LOL ha ha HA says:

    The book Salt was great because it told a really great story because it showed that it didn’t matter what you look like, it only who you are. I also liked it because of the unique style of writing.

  3. soccerballer52 says:

    I like how the author included the word SALT in the .

    SB52, I am on tenterhooks waiting to find out how this sentence ends! — Kate Davie

  4. I.J. says:

    I love this book! It leaves you hanging at the best parts, like when old raccoon comes to trade for salt, and James’s father say’s there’s not any but really there is.I recommend it for readers that like a bit of war sadness and friendship.

  5. Anonymous says:

    well when u see the title u are going to know its a good book.lil

  6. bushman says:

    i really like this book i started reading it and its going good

  7. LPbosskid says:

    why do you think the name is cool Lil?

  8. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    I like the way the other came up with the name its like so cool and awesome to. lil

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