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“The President Has Been Shot!”: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

on June 21, 2014

president shotby James Swanson.

Recounts the 35th president’s assassination and details key events. Includes informative back matter and archival photographs

17 Responses to ““The President Has Been Shot!”: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy”

  1. Pompeii7 says:

    One reason why I love this book is because it is information and a story at the same time. I also love how the author builds up suspense when Oswald is trying to shoot Kennedy. It ends up to be pretty sad, but I still recommend it!

  2. vanossgaming says:

    I really like this book because when Oswald is trying to shot the president he build up the tension.

  3. BGF says:

    The beginning was hard to understand but when I started reading into the book it got really interesting there was some sad parts in it but I think it was a amazing book.

  4. Boston-Bruins-63 says:

    The president has been shot is a very good book.

    What did you like best about it? Kate Davie

  5. CJH says:

    this book is very interesting. I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t now about the murder of JFK. I suggjest this book to u

  6. Mee2016 says:

    This is a great book that has great detail describing the actual events. This author switched back and forth from the perspective from J.F.K. and his assassin. The book had some pictures to help you get a better understanding of the book and its events. This is a book that has both educational and interesting values. I DEFINITELY recommend this book!

  7. the president has been shot says:

    I really liked this book because it tells the story of J.F.K and the story of Lee Harvey Oswald. I also liked it because I got to learn a lot more than I knew before. The things that I learned were pretty cool too, like how Lee Harvey Oswald was in the military, and that J.F.K was rich when he was younger.

  8. oliviahockey20 says:

    If you like intense action then you would love this book. It is very suspenseful and exciting. It gives you insight on JFK’s life and about his family. It gives you detail about the day he was assassinated, and what proceeded to happen after his unfortunate death. It explains what happens to the assassin after and it gives you the tactics he used to kill the president. Another thing I like about the book is that it gives you background about the assassin and the president. I recommend this book to people who like history.

  9. ohsnap596 says:

    You think it was just about the assassin but you are wrong. It also has some life about Kennedy and much more. It also has lots of action and exciting moments.

  10. Cmc says:

    sound like a good book!

  11. Unnamed says:

    Imagine you are about to be assassinated. Driving past the Texas School depository. But some one is waiting for you. They are not there to meet the president. He are there to assassinate the president.

  12. jamespumpernickel33 says:

    #amazing book JAMES PUMPERNICKEL31

    What is amazing about it? Kate Davie

  13. BC says:

    This book was a great read and I suggest it.

  14. lesmisfan12342 says:

    This book provides a ton of information about the assassination of JFK.

  15. CAMO=^-^=CRAZY says:

    i have really want to read this book becuse it seams very intresting

    It certainly does! Let us know what you think about it when you read it. Kate Davie

  16. Lpslover says:

    the book is good so far i love the how it tells about his timeline!

  17. Sacob says:

    This wus a gud book

    What did you like the most about it? Kate Davie

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