Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

on September 3, 2015
It’s a new school year for the four Fletcher boys and each of them is excited for very different reasons. The ever-energetic six-year-old Frog is off to kindergarten with his imaginary friend Flare (a cheetah). Eli is trying a new school “for exceptional academically focused students who are seeking a superlative intellectual experience”,  leaving the other ten-year-old in the family, Jax, to move on to Upper El on his own. All Jax cares about is living up to the image of his older brother Sam, who is at the absolute top of the food chain. Sam is stressed about sixth grade, as grades are now starting to really matter. His main interest is soccer and making the elite team, but soon a new interest will become a part of his life, something he feels the need to hide from everyone.
While the four adopted boys do not look alike, this heart-warming story about love and individuality reminds us all what it means to be part of a caring family, with all the bumps and blips that families go through.

6 Responses to “The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher”

  1. POPTART!! PANDA!! CANDY!! AM says:

    Soccer crazy EO. I agree, I also think that Eli shouldn’t have gone to another school, because he is miserable there. He did all that begging for something that he ends up not liking.

  2. RICH KID PROBLEM #17 says:

    Soccer Crazy EO. I agree with you but what place is he miserable in. At the new school or the old school.

  3. The Force Awakens 86 says:

    A great book. Anybody who hasn’t read it should. I won’t tell any thing about it though. How many chapters are there again?

  4. maeve says:

    Awesome Book!!!! My favorite! Everyone HAS to read it. I have read it 5 time.

  5. Soccer crazy EO says:

    I think that Eli should not have moved to that school instead he should go with his brothers he is miserable at that place. Very good book besides that part.

  6. be happy says:

    Haven red it yet but its the next on my list

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