Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

Although she doesn’t remember it, Lucy Callahan was struck by lightning, which gave her genius
level math skills and a severe case of OCD. Since then she has been homeschooled. She is
technically ready for college, but her grandmother gives her one more test to pass: middle school.
This beautifully written novel teaches us that sometimes numbers aren’t all that matters, no
problem is unsolvable, and if you have a few friends who accept you for who you are, you’re pretty


The Someday Birds

Dealing with the changes in his routine since his dad returned home injured from the war in Afghanistan hasn’t been easy for Charlie. His life takes another unexpected and unwanted twist when his dad is sent far away to receive medical care. Charlie reluctantly embarks on a cross – country road trip along with a three – legged dog, his boy – crazy sister, pesky twin brothers and a mysterious caretaker in hopes of reuniting with his father and viewing some of his elusive “Someday Birds” along the way.

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