Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle

Bicycle, raised at the Mostly Silent Monastery where the monks are permitted only eight words (yes,
no, maybe, help, now, later, sleep, and sandwich), is being sent to the Friendship Factory to
improve her social skills and make friends. Instead she runs away and sets off on an incredible
solo cross-country journey to meet her cyclist hero at San Francisco’s Blessing of the Bicycles –
encountering en route a host of quirky characters, among them a lonely Civil War ghost.

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The Badger Knight

In Northern England, 1346, war is being waged badgeragainst neighboring Scotland, and young men are leaving for battle. Adrian is nearly thirteen, but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at him. Asthmatic, small for his age, and albino, most people in his village see him as being sent from the devil–or at the very least useless. Even his father, a bowyer, doesn’t think Adrianis strong enough to be a bowyer’s apprentice. But when the Scots invade England, Adrian sees an opportunity to prove his worth. He follows his best friend Hugh into battle, bow on his back. But war is not as glorious as he thought it would be and chasing down the enemy is not as black and white as he imagines.

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