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7 Responses to “Posting Guidelines & Help”

  1. Jasper 123 says:

    This book is good for the first couple pages, I like this book.

  2. hockey16GB says:

    The one safe place

    I don’t like how the people in the city treated kids in the city. How did they steal the food when they were not supposed to without getting caught, and not getting killed while doing it.

  3. 22helberge says:

    If you are someone who is very sensitive to things that look, seem and feel really, really sad to
    you, I suggest that you not read this book. It has a really, really, really sad-so sad that you might cry from it-part about someone dying inside the book.

    22H, I am thinking that you didn’t mean to post this here. If you can comment about where it should be, I will move it for you. Sorry! — Kate Davie

  4. E.R.M says:

    Twerp is the book that you want to keep reading forever because it is filled with amazing characters and settings.

  5. rr says:

    it was a good book. it was a book that was sad, happy,funny kinda book. i suggest u read it if u like a book that has a story inside a story

  6. chase goodwin says:


  7. E.R.M says:

    Twerp is the book that you want to keep read forever because it is filled with amazing carters and setting.

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