Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

The House that Lou Built

on September 21, 2019

Lou loves woodshop, her family, and her dream to build a 100-square foot “tiny house” on a
beautiful piece of land her Dad left her when he died. But when back taxes and a possible move to
another state threaten Lou’s dream, she’s got to build on her resources and resilience to find a way
to make it come true!

3 Responses to “The House that Lou Built”

  1. Red pandas rock says:

    The House That Lou Built was a very good story. If you are thinking about reading it, you definitely should! It is about a girl who dreams of living in a tiny house. She likes woodcraft, too! Which would you prefer to love in: Regular sized house or tiny house?

  2. Charlie Farrell says:

    I enjoyed the book. Kearah would you like to live in a tiny house?

  3. Kearah says:

    I liked The House That Lou Built because I like learning about fairy houses and tiny houses. plus it shows you can do what you dream. How was the book for you guys?

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