Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Just Like Jackie

on September 21, 2019

Robbie Hart has a fierce temper and a big heart. She’s been covering for her Grandpa at home and
at his auto repair shop: she worries the authorities will learn about his Alzheimer’s and take her
away from her only family. Robbie wishes he’d tell her about her mom, though, and her anger
issues lead her into fights and other trouble at school. Vermont author Lindsey Stoddard’s debut
deftly mixes themes of family, acceptance, race, gender, and friendship.

5 Responses to “Just Like Jackie”

  1. coyote sunrise says:

    this book was so good. Robbie is such a good character.

  2. salsa says:

    really good book i recomend it

  3. romana says:

    yes I do like Jackie I mean also Love her so much her and I are some what the same I mean with her toughness is me but living with her grandfather and not having a mom all of her rough and fighting is me. I recommend this book to everyone in the world to read it or read to someone its so good.

  4. rose says:

    yes i do like Robbie she is a really great charter in the book.

  5. Did you like Robbie? Why or why not?

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