Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Amal Unbound

on September 21, 2019

Amal dreams of being a teacher, but soon she discovers that for a girl in Pakistan, an education is
not guaranteed. After a car accident, she is forced to be an indentured servant in the household of
the village landlord, a luxurious estate financed by illegal dealings. Amal discovers the depth of the
corruption of the landlord and his family, but she must weigh the risks of trying to expose them in a
small village where girls are not always believed and their dreams are not always honored.

3 Responses to “Amal Unbound”

  1. Red pandas rock says:

    This book was SO GOOD. it is about a girl named Amal who accidentally says something disrespectful to a rich and powerful man. She has to become a slave to him as a punishment. Amal finds some friends at his estate. Amal’s father promised to buy her back when she has enough money, but it doesn’t seem he’s coming

  2. soy sauce says:

    Amal Unbound is such a good book. The story is so good!

  3. mw - wcs says:

    I think Aisha Saeed did a beautiful job explaining the injustices going on in present day Pakistan. It’s both eye opening and upsetting to know that forced servitude exists. – In the book it warmed my heart to read about the kindness, compassion and forgiveness the characters showed each other. I was glad it had a favorable ending.

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