Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Fake Blood

on August 31, 2019

AJ has been wondering for years how to get ultra-cool Nia’s attention. When he finds out about her obsession with vampire lore, he decides to try something really different–he pretends to be a vampire. Will his plan work?

20 Responses to “Fake Blood”

  1. deers says:

    It’s a great book and I the story line. This is my favorite book in the Dorothy list books.

  2. romana says:

    Fake blood is really good i finished it in one day. It was one of my favorite book so far. Recmened this book. sorry if i spelt some words worng.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like Fake Blood because I enjoy stories that have vampires. I liked this book because it’s funny. The main character tries to win a bet and he almost gets killed. So if you are like me you might like Fake Blood.

  4. books are awesome says:

    Fake Blood looks like a good read. The cover makes it look like a book with an interesting story line. Because graphic novels have pictures and dialogue it helps me understand the story. Humorous books are good because they can give you a good laugh. Fake Blood looks like it might have some funny parts.

  5. cool cat124 says:

    Fake Blood

    I’m looking forward to reading this book because the cover makes it look very interesting. It sounds like a fun mixture of real life and fantasy. I really like graphic novels and I can’t wait to read this one!

  6. LIZ says:

    I really liked the book Fake Blood because it had a lot of friendship interactions and good dialog. I think that towards the end when a main character goes missing and there is a big problem it is very interesting. I would recommend this book for people who like vampires and weird things.


  7. Olive says:

    I want to read Fake Blood I want to know what happens to the boy when he tells his crush that he is a vampire because he thinks she likes vampires. I wonder what will happen when he finds out that she is really a vampire hunter.

  8. crangersc says:

    Fake blood is a good book because it keeps you guessing. The main character AJ has a crush on Nia. They are friends but he knows she is obsessed with vampires so he acts like one. Then everything goes all wrong. Also, something is strange about their teacher! If you like graphic novels this is the book for you.

  9. awesome96 says:

    I think fake blood is a geat story and a real fun read do you think you are going to make a secul or a simulr book cant wait to hear back


  10. Red pandas rock says:

    Fake blood was a really good book. If you don’t like reading long novels, This will be a good book, because it is a graphic novel. A boy is in love with a girl who is obsessed with vampires. He starts to pretend to be a vampire, to get her attention. Then everything goes wrong.

  11. winter says:

    Fake Blood is a good book but I think it could use more action, like if AJ and Nia start dating in the end. Also the book gave too many hints that somebody was a vampire. Overall it was a good a fun read.

  12. Kaleigh says:

    Fake Blood was a very good book! It had a lot of drama, which happens to appear in everyday life with teenagers. It has some twists and turns but in the end I really wished two of the main characters started to date, I feel like it would be more juicy. The main character AJ had a huge crush on a girl and he was very awkward around her. When they got put as partners for a project, things started to get heated. If you like middle school drama then I think you’re in for a very good read.

  13. awesome people says:

    it’s a real page turner can’t wait to read more.

  14. matthew says:

    awesome story I hope to hear from you. are you going to write a second book? hope to hear from you.

  15. cypress gamig29 says:

    i think the book fake blood was a great book and i loved it so much. i hope you make a another book.

    cypress gaming29

  16. J-MONEY$$$/ Ramsey Holland says:

    I think the book fake Blood was a short story that was personally not my favorite. I didn’t love it because I think there wasn’t the best story plot line,l and it wasn’t in my opinion it wasn’t the most exciting. But I did love how quick it was and I think that the pictures were really nice.

  17. spike2213 says:

    I like Fake Blood because it has so much love and pizazz in it. Also there is a lot of drama and a plot twist. AJ tries to get a girl’s attention because he has feelings for to find out what kind of drama there is in the book. I am in 5th grade and this book is for 6th and up so I think it’s good to read if you have a lot of experience with graphic novels.

  18. Ms. Seymour says:

    This was a quick read. Lots of kids at our school thought it could have been more exciting if the characters had more “back story” and were more well developed. We’d recommend this book to kids who like fun middle school drama and vampire stories. We thought the moral of the story “just be yourself” was a good one.

  19. Charlie Farrell says:

    Gorden, You should try Small Spaces by Katherine Arden! A class trip to a corn maze turns into a very creepy struggle for survival.

  20. Gorden_Ramsay says:

    I really like this book because it blends normal life with a little bit of fantasy. I also like it because the story is realistic.

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