Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Drum Roll, Please

on August 31, 2019

In Melissa “Melly” Goodwin’s mind, she and her best friend Olivia are about to experience the most epic summer ever at Camp Rockaway, a music camp located deep in the woods of Michigan. It starts looking like Melly’s dream summer may become more of a nightmare, when her parents announce the day before camp begins that they are getting a divorce. Add to that a scary band instructor, Olivia’s sudden infatuation with “Noel”,a cute fellow camper, andMelly’s own confusing feelings towards Adeline, a girl to whom she finds herself drawn. Will Melly’s summer hit all the right notes or be a flat-out disaster?

2 Responses to “Drum Roll, Please”

  1. jazzercise says:

    drum roll please is an awesome, awesome book. i love camp rockaway and i wanted to go myself!

  2. ima_katt says:

    Drum Roll, Please is about Melissa (Melly) Goodwin, a girl who is going to summer camp with her best friend Olivia. ‘Disaster’ strikes, and her best friend doesn’t ‘have time’ for her. UGH! Sad, Uplifting, and to true. I love this book!

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