Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Train I Ride

on August 27, 2018
Rydr lost her mother to a drug overdose and is being taken away from her grandmother who is unable to care for her. Bound for Chicago to live with a relative she’s never met, Rydr befriends Tenderchunks the boy scout, Paolo the poet, and Neal the snack bar attendant, who learn Rydr’s story and share their own. It is through these connections, as brief as they may be, that Ryder finds hope, love and family on the train she rides.

7 Responses to “Train I Ride”

  1. panda says:

    I loved this book. Lucky Strikes is one of my favorites last year so this book was one to.

  2. anniebrabazon says:

    Lucy and Emma-Why do you think Rydr should have stayed with Tenderchunks? He certainly was a good friend to her and cared for her very much.

  3. nutty-cat says:

    Rydr thinks she has no family left. After all, her grandma died, her mother overdosed on drugs, and her father is probably dead, she wouldn’t know. On her way to meet her uncle she has never met before, Rydr learns that family isn’t always the people you are related to. On the train-ride to Chicago, where her uncle lives, Rydr finds a new family.

  4. Emma says:

    it was a good book but i think she should have stayed with the tenderchuncks

  5. Lucy says:

    i think she should have stayed with tenderchunks who else does?

  6. anniebrabazon says:

    Who is your favorite character in Train I Ride and why?

  7. anniebrabazon says:

    There is a statement on the cover of the book, “She found her family before she found her home.” How does this statement relate to the story?

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