Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award


on August 27, 2018
Short is a charming and exuberant story about a young girl discovering herself and her potential for greatness. The main character Julia, along with the other quirky cast of characters, make it laugh-out-loud funny and simply irresistible.

6 Responses to “Short”

  1. Lillie says:

    I love this book because there are things I can relate to in it.

  2. egg farts says:

    I have a lot of short Friends

  3. if you put cheese on cake is it cheesecake says:

    I like this book a lot i got short friends

  4. Jordy Marshmallow says:

    i loved this book because i am short and this book i can relate to.

  5. Torrance Behrendt says:

    I loved this book because one I can relate and two they put a hole lot of different emotions in this book.

  6. Lucy says:

    what was your favorite part of the book? what is your favorite musical

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