Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award


on August 27, 2018
The second book in Jason Reynold’s Track series focuses on Patina “Patty” Jones, fastest girl on the team who thinks anything other than first place is “Fake. But real.” Real like the stress of navigating a new fancy school, of taking care of her little sister now that they cannot live with Ma, of worrying about her Ma’s diabetes, and of having to run on the relay team.  Facing these real things, Patty learns, is easier when you rely on others to help share the burden and support you along the way.

7 Responses to “Patina”

  1. Patina says:

    I loved this book probably because I love running.

  2. panda willers says:

    I think that Patina was a good book after Ghost. I like Ghost better. But I like the the plot. I recommend this for 4th to 6th

  3. laney says:


  4. laney says:

    This book is amazing I recommend this book to Hayden and Addy and me laney the girl who already read this book!!!

  5. Emma says:

    its a really good book patty is a really careing and nice girl she loves her sister aunt,uncle and mom. i love this book

  6. anniebrabazon says:

    How would you describe Patty? What are here strengths and her challenges?

  7. anniebrabazon says:

    Why did Patty start running and why does she keep running?

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