Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Chester and Gus

on August 27, 2018
This inspiring and gripping novel is about the remarkable bond between Chester, a service dog, and ‘his person’, an autistic boy named Gus. Chester narrates the story, which gives a wonderfully realistic picture of autism and the challenges and triumphs faced by sufferers and their families.

19 Responses to “Chester and Gus”

  1. Lillie says:

    I got to meet the author and i was very interested in the book. soon after I bought the book and i love it so far.

  2. alittlelil says:

    This book is so amzing I loved when Gus was talk for the first time!

  3. alittlelil says:

    I love this book so much I felt so bad for Chester when Penny took him home.

  4. alittlelil says:

    I loved Chester and Gus my whole class read it together and we where sad when Chester had to go with penny.

  5. You all here says:

    gooooooooood book

  6. LIFE says:

    Chester and Gus is a really inspiring book!

  7. :) :) :) :) says:

    I loved this book so much and my class and I read it together and we were sad but also happy.

  8. You all here says:

    good book 10/10

  9. my name is a little bit of you don't get the rest says:

    It is a graet book you should read it.

  10. Brianna.M says:

    I really enjoyed this book. My favorite part is when chester gets lost at the haunted house thing and his is the one who finds him. I hope you enjoy this book too. I really recommend it.

  11. laney says:

    i love it I love I love it this is the best and i am not joking

  12. laney says:

    this book is the best

  13. sam says:

    Dogs are smart and Chester is too. reading this book makes me trust my dog, honey more.

  14. Aliah says:

    This book was an amazing book. Most dog books have something happen to the dog, or the dog dies. but this book had something special about it. I totally recommend this book!

  15. Emma says:

    this is a amazing book.i love how the family adoted him even tho he was scared of loud noises.

  16. Lucy says:

    i loved this book because most dog books the dog dies this was amzing

  17. Anonymous says:

    Chester was training to be a service dog, but no one want’s a dog that’s scared of loud noises, so Chester was seen as a jobless reject. That is, until a family took him home. Then he got a more challenging job then expected. He had to help a his new autistic boy, with which he had a special connection, get through school. Chester and Gus is a great quick-read, and you never know what’s going to happen next or how this quick-witted dog will handle it.

  18. Megan.D says:

    I loved chester and gus because it has a dog and an owner.

  19. Carole Oglesby says:

    Neither Gus nor Chester can easily communicate with others. How are their
    situations similar? How are they different?

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