Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Falcon Wild

on August 26, 2018


On a road trip to return her beloved gyrfalcon to its rightful owner, Karma and her family are in a car accident. Karma must go for help in Montana’s backcountry. An edge – of – your – seat outdoor adventure.

5 Responses to “Falcon Wild”

  1. Harrypotternerd says:

    Great book if your into survival and suspense.

  2. nutty-cat says:

    Karma has lived her whole life at a bird sanctuary in Montana. She has seen everything there is to see of raptors and has set her heart on trying to train Stark, a Gyr falcon she found on the side of the road. Of course, that couldn’t last. The previous owner of stark wants her back. Karma and her family (plus a hitch-hiker) set off on a journey to return Stark until bad turns to worse when the family’s van crashes and Karma has to find help in the middle of the Montana wilderness. With a hitch-hiker, of course.

  3. laney says:

    This book is amazing I love this book because
    it has suvivel and action. everyone has to read it

  4. willers says:

    In this book the main character travels a long time to find help. This is a very suspenseful book. If you like birds you will probably like this book. I recommend this book for 4th 5th and 6th.

  5. Evangeline says:

    I loved this book because it had survival and trust in it and lots of acton. One of my favorite books.

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