Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Ban this Book

on August 26, 2018
Eleven – year – old Amy Anne Ollinger finds her voice and her courage fighting back against censorship after her favorite book was banned from her school library. Challenging the idea that one person can determine what everyone else can read, Amy quickly becomes the leader in a battle against censorship and demonstrates the power of young people to effect change.

7 Responses to “Ban this Book”

  1. Lillie says:

    I loved this book and read it like, 5 times. I love how the book includes some problems that kids can relate to.

  2. Faire says:

    loved this book!

  3. Willa says:

    I like this book because Amy Anne and her friends did something brave. I would never do something like it.

  4. dwayne lover says:

    Ban This Book is a spectacular book about a young girl named Amy Anne and how she starts the Banned Book Locker Library when her favorite book gets banned from the school library.

  5. nutty-cat says:

    Amy-Anne has always been as timid as a mouse. Sucking on her braids and having conversations mainly in her head. She was quiet, that is, until her favorite book in the whole wide world was taken out of the library. With the help of her lawyer-friend and other accomplices she starts the BBLL (banned books locker library) but soon, she’ll have to find her voice and stand up for what she thinks is right. Amy-Anne isn’t going to be a mouse forever.

  6. anniebrabazon says:

    How do Amy’s actions and involvement in speaking out against banning books change her?

  7. anniebrabazon says:

    Do you agree with Amy Anne’s statement that “. . . for all the amazing things
    books can do, they can’t make you into a bad person” Explain why you agree or disagree.

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