Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award


on September 7, 2017

O’Connor, Barbara, Wish.

Charlie Reese has been making the same secret wish every day since the fourth grade. But when she is separated from her older sister and sent to live with family she barely knows, it seems unlikely that her wish will ever come true. With the help of a stray dog, a plucky neighbor and a big-hearted family, Charlie discovers that what she thought she wants may not at all be what she needs.

5 Responses to “Wish”

  1. shelomith smart says:

    wishbone and charlie are because they both have had moments in there life when they felt like they did’t fit in

  2. Mason Marckres says:

    Wishbone is important to Charlie because. Wishbone is like family to Charlie because,One of her parents is in jail and the other dose not care about Charlie.Charlies sister dose not care about her so Wishbone is like extended family to her.

  3. Tristen Gingras says:

    Wishbone is important to Charlie because he supports her through her entire journey. They both have the fact that the both didn’t have any family or home for a part of their lives.

  4. Lucas says:

    What is your favorite part of Wish and why?

  5. anniebrabazon says:

    Why is Wishbone so important to Charlie? Do you think they have anything in common?

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