Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award


on September 7, 2017

Harrington, Karen, Mayday.

After a plane crash, Wayne Kovok literally loses his voice. With the help of his strict military grandfather and a new friend who only sings, Wayne’s quest for a lost flag helps him to find a stronger voice than he ever dreamed possible. Be prepared to learn many many many useless yet fascinating facts that you never knew you wanted to know.

9 Responses to “Mayday”

  1. Basketball05 says:

    This is a really fun and sad book. It was sad how you could feel what the Wayne was going through after the tragic accident. I like how he wanted to get the flag back for his Uncle’s memorial. I would recommend this book for people who like reading about how the family recovers from accidents.

  2. Troydan says:


  3. old men on couch says:

    we haven’t read this book but it looks good

  4. bookworm says:

    Mayday is a sweet book, though it is rather sad. When 14-A dies and he regrets not talking to her I understand that feeling. It’s almost like in punishment for not talking when you could talk, you now can’t talk.

  5. Memily says:

    Okay. I’d have to say I wasn’t too attached to this book, but it was okay. I didn’t really care for the type of setting this book had. I would still recommend it for anyone who likes realistic books that could be true.

  6. Cody Griffin says:

    This book is really good i feel bad for wayne imagine what he went thorugh

  7. Michael Wierzbicki says:

    This was a good book! I learned something on every page! I would recommend this book!

  8. Solan FArmer says:

    A really good book! I really like how Wayne always talks about facts so that every page i learn something new.

  9. Solan FArmer says:

    A really good book! I like how Wayne always talks about a lot of cool and interesting facts so every page I learn something new.

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