Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Falling Over Sideways

on September 7, 2017

Sonnenblick, Jordan.  Falling Over Sideways.

Harassed at her middle school, not taken seriously at home, and with a “perfect” older brother, Matthew, to live up to, thirteen-year-old Claire has always felt like her life was cursed. Then one morning, when she and her father are talking at breakfast, he suddenly keels over with a stroke, and suddenly everything changes. Sonnenblick is a master with realistic teen drama – expect both laughter and tears.

3 Responses to “Falling Over Sideways”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought this book was sweet and funny. I really loved it when she had the talk with her brother. Though it has sad parts the happy parts make up for them and when the brother fills in for her dad, I can feel his love for her.

  2. Memily says:

    amazing! I absolutely loved this realistic fiction book. I found there were a lot of humorous parts along with a few quite emotional parts. It was just incredible and I would recommend this book!

  3. whitdog says:

    I really liked this book. There was a lot of humor and it is relatable to life. I am not a huge reader and it was probably my favorite book.

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