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Lost in the Sun

on September 2, 2016

{4C66983A-1237-405B-B3F1-EF7D23923F3C}Img400When Trent is involved in a horrible accident that results in another boy’s death, he must find a way to overcome his guilt and rage in this touching story of acceptance and forgiveness.


25 Responses to “Lost in the Sun”

  1. Haven M says:

    This book was in my top 3 favorite DCF books. Doug’s failed pranks were really funny. I feel bad for Trent because he has lived with anger, guilt, fear, and sadness, all balled up, for a lot of his life. Trent has a hard life and I think that his dad and Kari hating him, and being rejected by Fallon didn’t help. Trent shouldn’t feel as guilty as he does for the accident because it could had been anyone and he didn’t know Jared had a heart defect.

  2. Emma J says:

    I really like all of Doug’s failed prank attempts they were really funny.

  3. NoelleVT says:

    Dear curry jr. 30, I agree with you about feeling bad for Trent because he always has to live with that guilt of killing Jared. I also feel bad because people are probably always telling him; it was an accident, it could have happened to anyone, and I know that that usually doesn’t help at all, if not make me feel like everyone is always paying attention to it (whatever happened).

  4. NoelleVT says:

    Dear Anonymous, I agree that this book is for all genders, because even though the main character is a boy, I could really understand all the points he made and how he felt throughout the book. I think this is because Lisa Graff writes Trent’s thoughts in a clear, easy to understand way and Trent has a strong personality that two completely different people could probably both connect to.

  5. NoelleVT says:

    I like this book because it is very realistic. It entirely captures the thinking and social drama of a boy in this situation. For example, it captures when Trent slaps a bully because this boy had been making fun of Fallon Little, Trent’s best friend, who has a scar on her face. It also tells how Trent’s dad and stepmom have a new baby, but are not letting him hold her, like his brothers get to. This book captures the real ups and downs of life, without canceling out the bad stuff, and I don’t know about you, but I really like that.

  6. miraVT says:

    Trent really decides to take Fallon to a rock in the middle of the lake just to scream out all of the anger and fear,I hope that fisherman gets it.I really want to know how Fallon got her scar,I guess we’ll never know.

  7. miraVT says:

    Trent really shouldn’t have punched Jeremiah, he did deserve it but he could get arrested for that!And Fallon has every right to be mad at him for pretty much everything but trent is clueless.I feel bad for trent sometimes but other times his selfish attitude and anger get in the way and don’t make anything right.

  8. benvt says:

    I feel sorry for Trent that he has to live with the feeling of killing someone on his shoulders. I Really was sad when at the end of the book Fallon’s about to tell her scar story when the story ends. What do you think happened to Fallon for her to get her scar?

  9. Josiahvt says:

    In response to Ben, I also wonder if Trent and Jeremiah are going to become friends. I think they would be good friends because they are both very physical and they have a lot in common. They both love sports. If they were to become friends, I think Trent would ask Jeremiah to be his friend because he is nicer than Jeremiah and Jeremiah is a bully. If they were to become friends, their families could hang out together and have a fun time.

  10. NoelleVT says:

    This is a very deep book. It describes the feelings in 1rst person of 12-year-old Trent, a boy who is struggling with school, his parents’ divorce, and some general social troubles. For example, he unintentionally shoots a hockey puck into the chest of a teammate with heart problems, which kills the boy. This makes me sad because Trent still feels bad about it ten months later, when the story starts, and we will never know what Jared Richards (the boy who died) would say to Trent now.

  11. miraVT says:

    I think lost in the sun is a great book because trent is trying to be a normal kid but everyone hates on him and bullies for killing someone.But fallon has the right idea to be nice.Kari and trents dad are crazy about their baby and over protective because kari snached jewl out of trents hands like he was a toddler holding scissors.

  12. josiahvt says:

    I thought the book was really good because there was lots of drama between Trent and Fallon. It also was good because almost every time Doug played a prank it backfired on himself. My favorite prank was when Doug put the alarm clocks in someone’s room and then they got put back in Doug’s room. They talked about sports a lot in the book. I liked that because I love sports. I thought the ending was nice because Fallon told Trent how she really got her scar,and that probably made them way better friends.

  13. Curry jr. 30 says:

    I feel bad for Trent, he has lived with the guilt and sadness for so long.

  14. ben says:

    I have almost finished the book and i wonder if Trent will get over accidentally killing Jared, and if jeremiah will stop being a bully and maybe become slighte friends with trent?Do you think that Trent will pull a prank.(maybe` on Doug.)

  15. DiyaVT says:

    Ben, I agree with you about the name of the book comment. I think that the name “Lost in the sun”, represents the hockey puck accident that changed his life forever. Everyone hated him and was always trying to be cautious around him. It’s like he moved into the darkness just like the man, who was covering his eyes from the sun in the baseball game.

  16. josiahvt says:

    Some people were wondering if the accident was Trent’s fault. I do not think it was Trent’s fault. Jared could have been anywhere else on the ice. Jared could have fallen through the ice before he got hit with the puck, or some other type of accident could have happened. Trent was just playing the game when he accidentally killed Jared. He did not know Jared had a heart condition. I feel bad for Trent. If I had hit someone with a puck and killed them, I would feel guilty.

  17. josiahvt says:

    Some people were wondering if the accident was Trent’s fault. I do not think it was Trent’s fault. Jared could have been anywhere on the ice, or he could have fallen through the ice before getting hit by the puck. Trent did not know that Jared had a heart condition. He did not mean to hit him with the puck. He was just playing the game.

  18. DiyaVT says:

    Caitlincorless, I think this was an unfortunate accident because Trent did not intend to hurt Jared so it wasn’t his fault. However I totally get how Trent feels guilty, because he thinks that he could have prevented this from happening. I imagine if the same thing happened to me that I would feel the same exact way Trent did.

  19. DiyaVT says:

    I’ve read about 150 pages so far, and I totally agree with JosiahVT, and ben, that Lost in the sun is a funny and dramatic book. My impression is that Trent and his brothers, Aaron,and Doug, are all mischievous pranksters. I like this book because the brothers’ pranks remind me of the ones that my cousins and I have tried. A thing that I can’t relate to (and that I’m grateful for) is having a family that will let me hold, soothe, and care for my baby cousins even when they were nervous because I was little.

  20. ben says:

    I read from pages 100 to 200. One part was on page 120 it says “it must have been lost in the sun”.Also on that page it says the dodgers are out of the season because of one stupid sun that’s why i think its called “lost in the question i have is do you think that that Fallon and Trent will become friends again?

  21. DiyaVT says:

    Lost in the sun by Lisa Graff is a book about Trent, who was involved in an accident which resulted in a boy losing his life. I thought that the first few pages in the book were pretty dark and I started to have second thoughts about reading this book anymore. However, the more I read, the better it got. For one, there are a lot of funny parts in the book whenever the brothers’ try and pull of a prank. Then there are Trent’s relationships with his friends and family, that are described in such a beautiful way that makes for a good read. I highly recommend this book because of how all of Lisa Graff’s words fit together perfectly. Like two of her other books I’ve read, even though the beginning is sad, they always turn out to be truly amazing! That’s because you always get sucked into characters stories and can’t help but finish the book.

  22. ben says:

    The pages I read were 0 to 100. Some of my favorite parts in those pages were the first prank and the second prank. And also I don’t think it was Trent’s fault that he killed Jared because Jared could’ve been standing in any other place and Trent did not know that Jared had a heart defect. I thought it was funny when the alarm clock prank backfired on Doug and when the hot sauce prank happened I wondered if the hot fire in Trent’s chest was from the hot sauce or from anger.

  23. josiahvt says:

    I really like this book because it is funny and really dramatic. Doug reminds me of my friend’s younger brother so i can relate.I wonder how Trent is going to like middle school.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think this book is really good because its full of drama and for all genders.

  25. caitlincorless says:

    Do you think the accident was Trent’s fault? Should he feel guilty?

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