Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Full Cicada Moon

on September 2, 2016


In 1969, twelve-year-old Mimi and her family move to an all-white town in Vermont, where Mimi’s mixed-race background and interest in “boyish” topics like astronomy make her feel like an outsider.


14 Responses to “Full Cicada Moon”

  1. Anonymous says:

    loved the book

  2. kylee says:

    This book was amazing. I totally agree with Zoe the topic of this book was very important. I cant believe that the wood shop was only for boys that is crazy. Girls can do a lot of things with the wood shop, not just sewing and baking. I love this book

  3. cheyenne says:

    being from Vermont this book has a big impact on me. this book was very interesting and mimi is a very strong girl.

  4. Shyanne T says:

    Full Cicada Moon is a book about a girl named Mim.
    Mimi wants to be a astronaut when she grows up. She all ready nows about a lot of thing about space.
    One really cool thing that happened was at the end of the book Mr.Dell brought Mimi and Timothy on a air plain. I thought that was so nice of Mr.Dell. That is one reason I like but there is so many things about this book that can just make you keep reading.

  5. Zoe C says:

    This book was very interesting. The topic was important. It is good for people to now if there is something your disagree with something stand up for up rights. Mimi is a very strong and powerful girl.

  6. Hannah P says:

    I like the book and i Recommend it for people who like poem books.The book is about A girl who moves to Vermont .

  7. The watcher says:

    This book helped me open my eyes to more that just me but my neighbors my friends my teachers everyone in the world is now one

  8. Haven M says:

    I feel bad for Mimi but at the same time I think she is very lucky. She gets to move to Vermont, and being from Vermont I would know that it’s very beautiful here. She had a hard life at first in Vermont being Japanese and black. I really enjoyed this book because it was written poetically.

  9. IzzyVT says:

    If you were in Timothy, Stacey, or Mr. Dell’s shoes in this book, how would you have treated Mimi? Why would you do so?  I have actually been in Mimi’s place before, but if I were to be in a character’s shoes it would be Stacey. I chose her because she is nice and caring to Mimi when she really needed it most. Please comment on this if you are reading this book otherwise this will make no sense to you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    In the final pages of 156 through 384, Mimi soon learns that the mysterious boy next door, Timothy, agrees with the changes Mimi is trying to make in their school. This half of the book really made me cry because many life or death situations block Mimi’s path to getting used to this new place. The question Full Cicada Moon is based off of and quotes, “It’s up to me to solve the puzzle of how to answer the question, What am I? When I know the real question begins with Who.” I love how Marilyn Hilton said it that way! I adored this book and recommend it to anyone who reads this comment.     

  11. IzzyVT says:

    Dear Caitlin,
    I wasn’t born in Vermont, but I moved here 4 months ago from Utah. I’ve lived in Washington State and the almost exact thing that happened to Mimi happened to me which was totally shocking to me when reading this book. I can’t answer your exact question, but this is pretty close. I know exactly how Mimi feels in this situation.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this,

  12. IzzyVT says:

    I’m reading this book and I really like it. I can relate to so many things in it. In Full Cicada Moon, pages 1 to 155, Mimi misses Berkeley, California and if she had to move to Vermont she would rather fly. Not all wishes come true as Mimi learned. Along the first few chapters Mimi meets a new friend and a mysterious boy next door. I too moved here recently like Mimi, from Utah though which is near that area. You definitely should read this book. Oh! Did I mention that it’s on the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award list? Well you definitely should read this book. Did I say definitely to many times?

  13. Emma J says:

    Being from Vermont this book does have a bigger impact on me because some of the things that happens with the climate and everything like how it is in the winter and summer and spring and fall I can relate to. It also makes me think like wow that can really happen where I live.

  14. caitlincorless says:

    Being from Vermont, do you think this book had a bigger impact on you? Why or why

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