Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award


on September 2, 2016

9780439874021Lost in the Black Forest, Otto meets three mysterious sisters and finds himself entwined in a prophecy, a promise, and a harmonica. Decades later three children, Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy in California find themselves caught up in the same thread of destiny in the darkest days of the twentieth century, struggling to keep their families intact, and tied together by the music of the same harmonica.

7 Responses to “Echo”

  1. Tristan says:

    I love how this book can make you feel like there is light in dark times and that things that seem bad can end good and that life always involves music. The characters are so calm and intelligent.

  2. Grace says:

    I loved how Echo made think there is always light in dark times. It is true that music really can get you through dark times. It was sad but the ending made happy. I loved how the author intwined the three stories.

  3. carl l says:

    This book is a good book. It is a good book for 11 to 12 years old. I am so glad COLORLESSNESS wrote this book.

  4. Haven M says:

    This book had me very intrigued. I was reading it whenever possible. It was really cool how the author brought Friedrich, Mike and Ivy together at the end. I personally am not a musician but i love listening to music whenever.

  5. caitlincorless says:

    I’m so glad you have music to help you through tough times! I’m curious what you’ll think of the rest of the book!

  6. Shyanne T says:

    I do believe that music can help you through difficult time. Music is a big part of my life because I love to play sax, trumpet. That is why I like this book so far. I also think that the author is an amazing at righting.

  7. caitlincorless says:

    Do you believe that music has the ability to help someone through a difficult time? What
    effect does music have on you?

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