Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Waiting for Unicorns

on August 31, 2016

Twelve-year-old Talia 9780439874021just lost her mother to cancer, and as if that wasn’t hard enough to cope with, now her father is about to bring her to the Arctic for her whole summer vacation and leave her with a mysterious Inuit woman that she’s never even met. While Talia’s dad is out researching whales on the dangerous tundra, will she somehow find hope and friendship in this barren place or will she be left alone, wishing for impossible things?



13 Responses to “Waiting for Unicorns”

  1. Manny F. says:

    This book was decent although I kind of Judged a Book by its cover in the begining

  2. Emma J says:

    This was a good book. I really thought that Talia and her dad would see the narwhals. But it was still a good trip because she sort of got closer to her father.

  3. poularmmos says:

    This book moves very slow. #Not the right book for me.

  4. charlie says:

    I like this book.

  5. Kiera and Kaia says:

    My friend and I thought that Talia should have seen the narwhals when she went on the boat trip with her dad sense they look at every single location that her dad looked and had seen them. It is also an amazing read aloud book but also great to read alone. Overall it is an AMAZING book!! We recommend reading it!!

  6. Hannah Parker says:

    The book was good. I like the authors style because they have nice wording like in a part they used confident instead of spoke out like standing straight up or something like that they used big words instead of lousy words that do not make the book so its more bigger peoples size.

  7. AudreyVT says:

    I thought she would see the narwhals to because talia’s dad saw them a week before and he said they dont go very far when the whales have enough supplies (food).But I guess the whales didn’t because talia’s dad and her went to every spot talia’s dad saw them.Unless the whales left for another
    reason, but we will never know.

  8. AudreyVT says:

    I also got very emotional reading how talia ‘s mother died because of cancer.It described really well how she felt and before I knew it I was crying.

  9. AudreyVT says:

    I am reading the book called waiting for unicorns by Beth hautala. I read pages 70-114.On page 83 -85 it explains that talia’s mother died while talia was at school and how talia didn’t get to say goodbye.A thought that I had was that if one of my parents died I would cry and be very sad. But just like talia I would at least want to say goodbye so they wouldn’t forget me.

  10. AudreyVT says:

    I am reading the book waiting for unicorns by Beth hautala.
    I read pages 1-70. On page 68 it says “a plan was forming in the back of my mind. I had to see one for myself.” A thought that I had was that I think that the next day talia is gonna go out and try and see a narwhal. if she does what is she gonna wish? Because her mom is already gone. I think that she might wish for the whales because her dad hasn’t seen them.

  11. laumart says:

    This is very beautiful and I got very emotional just reading how she lost her mother to cancer. Addition to this that was some hard stuff for her father to leave her with a women that she hast even met.

  12. hlm GES says:

    This book is so awesome because it explains about her mom and dad. Talia’s dad took her whale watching – on the trip her sister called a narwhal a whale. and she is very nice

  13. Haven M says:

    This book was soooooo good! I thoug ht that it was very well written. At the end I thought that Talia and her dad would see the narwhals but I was wrong. I thought that Talia was wrong to misjudge Sura but in the end they were all like family.

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