Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

The Doldrums

on August 31, 2016

9780316381321Archer B. Hemsley wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of his adventurous grandparents, who have unfortunately now vanished in the Arctic. A real adventure will be no easy feat for a young dreamer like Archer, especially as his mother does not allow him to leave the house. With the help of his odd and wonderful new friends, Oliver and Adelaide, Archer sets a plan in motion.




19 Responses to “The Doldrums”

  1. Zoe C says:

    This book had a lot of interesting content. It was funny but also made want to keep reading to find out what happened next. I really did like it.

  2. Darrian H says:

    I really liked this book it was adventuress and silly all at the same time. In the beginning it kept you reeled in by shrouding the story in mystery.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you like adventurous tales this is the book to read Archer,Oliver and Adelaid all met and went on an adventure to save Archers grandparents

  4. Jocelyn F says:

    I think that the Doldrums is a very funny book about a boy named Archer who has a wild imagination.After he finds out that his grandparents were wiped out by an iceberg, he and his friends set out to find them but hits a few bumps on the road he travels on.

  5. kylee says:

    This book was so…….interesting because Archer talked to stuffed animals that he would think they would talk back it was very abnormal to. This book was awsome.

  6. JamesVT says:

    Today I read The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon from pages 160-175. It is a fiction book. In the section I read today, Adélaïde goes to school for the first time, and meets Oliver and Archer. On page 161, Archer gets a new teacher, Mrs. Murkley. Before that, Archer had made Mrs. Murkley implode. I didn’t really understand what that meant though. Archer thought she would be mad, but she wasn’t. I wonder why she wasn’t angry. mabey she was angry, but she was pretending not to be because then she could punish him more later. I really like this book so far and can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  7. rd ges says:

    The Doldrums is a really good book. This kid named Archer he lives in his imagination
    he rides stuffed animals and he pretends that he in a big big big race with a ostrich, chicken, and a skunk.

  8. JamesVT says:

    dear Abe’s,
    I also liked that archer had personalities for the stuffed animals, because it kind of made the book more interesting.

  9. JamesVT says:

    dear Haven M,
    I thought that was very dissapointing too, but I still thought this book was amazing.

  10. KathrynVT says:

    Dear JamesVT,
    I also liked that Oliver said he would go on the journey! That made me really happy because I know that Oliver is going to be a big help.

  11. JamesVT says:

    Today I read pages 226 to 232 in a fiction book by Nicholas Gannon called The Doldrums. In the section that I read today, Adélaïde learns about Raven Wood and decides that she wouldn’t want to go there. I wouldn’t either because all the teachers there are like Mrs. Murkley. On page 229, Oliver agrees to go on the journey. I’m glad he did! Oliver, Archer, and Adélaïde start the journey by planning it out and gathering equipment. I wonder what the journey is. I’m excited to find out when I read more!

  12. KathrynVT says:

    Dear Cydy eg,
    Mrs. Murlkey is really mean. I see how she could be like Mrs. Trunchbull. Their both not nice at all.

  13. KathrynVT says:

    Dear Abe’s,
    I also liked that the Helmsley house had all over. When I stared the book I felt that his (as in Archer’s) grandparents had a secret. But then knowing that they traveled the world I don’t blame them.

  14. KathrynVT says:

    When I started reading my book today I felt kind of scared. The part about when the three kids when to the Strait of Magellan and see a scary man I got kind of scared about that part. I did like that the three of them see the eye patch man. I’m not really shore if he’s good, but I like that he is sort of helping them out. I wonder if the three of these kids will find what they need for their adventure. Plus if the mean man at the counter dos anything bad, and if the eye patch is really good to the kids. Or if he is just working for the mean man trying to scar the kids, into not going on the adventure.

  15. KathrynVT says:

    I really am liking the start of this book. My favorite part so fare is when Mrs. Murkley and Adelaide get in to sort of a fight in class. I think Adelaide stops Mrs. Murkley from giving Archer a bad time because she feels bad that he is the only one getting it.

  16. Haven M says:

    this book was very unique and interesting. i was so sure that archer and his friends would make it to Antarctica but i was wrong. the part with the tigers in the museum was full of action and definitely my favorite part.

  17. cydy eg says:

    I really liked this book. Mrs. Murkley reminds me of Mrs. Trunchbull from Matilda.

  18. manny.f says:

    I really liked the plot of The Doldrums and all the crazy shenanigans Archer Oliver and Adelaide got into the ending was great I loved how the lions chased down the trio mainly because Oliver was wearing a gazelle mask

  19. Abe's says:

    I am a few pages in and I am already hooked! This book is very interesting. I like how he has personalities for the stuffed animals and that the grandparents travel. I have a prediction that the grandparents have a secret or that they are not what they seem.

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