Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Stella by Starlight

on August 31, 2016

When the Ku Klux Klan’s 9780316381321unwelcome reappearance rattles Stella’s segregated southern town, bravery battles prejudice in this Depression-era story story.  Stella’s community—her world—is upended as she begins to see people in a different light.






16 Responses to “Stella by Starlight”

  1. Manny F. says:

    I liked the book stella by starlight. I really enjoyed the creative writing put into it

  2. Haven M says:

    This was my final DCF book and I didn’t think it was that good. I rwad Out of My Mind by the same author and it was really good. Stella by Starlight was a standard Ku Klux Klan and african american family book.

  3. kyleeg says:

    Stella by Starlight was an amazing book how she saved mama from the snake bite. Only one bad thing about the book though, The ku klux klan. The ku klux klan are people who are wear big white pointed hoods, and very bad people when you read the book you will see why.

  4. Emma J says:

    I loved Stella’s courage and bravery. She saved Hazel from the fire, she saved Tony from Max and Johnny, and she saved her mother from a snakebite. Stella By Starlight was an excellent book.

  5. Zoe C says:

    I liked Stella by Starlight a lot.One thing i really enjoyed was the amount of adventure in the book. Stella a hero because she saved Harriet from the fire. Tony from getting beat up by those two horrible white men, and mama from her snakebite. Paulette from drowning in the cold water when she couldn’t swim. Even though her Papa wouldn’t help mama because she was black. I really liked this book also for the content. It was a interesting topic with a ton of information.

  6. meala gelsinon says:

    dear hannahp i think that you are right about the the detail whats your favorite part?

  7. meala gelsinon says:

    when stella saw he house on fire i practically screamed the poor spencers i wonder where they will live there are so many of them. and when the klan was talking to stella i thought they where going to kill her thank goodness she didnt.

  8. meala gelsinon says:

    dear mellissa curtain yes becuaes she is brave and she saved hazel

  9. meala gelsinon says:

    i have just read the part when hazel got lost i thought i was very brave of stella to go look for her in the woods. i was very scared for hazel i thought she was aken by the triple “k” thank goodness she wasnt.

  10. YolandaVT says:

    Dear hannahp,
    I also like the book Stella by starlight so far. But which parts do you think have the detail that you’re talking about

  11. YolandaVT says:

    Dear cheyenne I,

    Why do you like that Stella goes outside at night and writes because she cant in class.

  12. YolandaVT says:

    I have just read the part where Stella and Jojo run a race. When Stella suddenly wins the race she feels like queen of the world. Obviously Jojo doesn’t agree. Its just sibling rivalry. But they still love each other.

  13. YolandaVT says:

    My comment is a prediction about the book. Personally I think the book will be scary because the ku klux clan seem like horrible people so Stella may run into them or not.

  14. hannahp says:

    I liked the book stella by starlight. I find it interesting because it has a lot of detail and it also has a lot of understanding in to it.

  15. cheyenne l says:

    I like how stella goes outside at night and writes because she cant in class because she gets worried when she is in class.

  16. Melissa Curtis says:

    Do you think Stella is a hero? Why/Why not?

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