Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Like a River: A Civil War Novel

on August 26, 2016

like a riverLeander and Polly are two teenage Union soldiers who carry deep, dangerous secrets and survive incredible odds. Leander is underage when he enlists, and Polly follows her father into war disguised as his son. As the lives of these young, brave soldiers intersect, readers will be transported to the homes, waterways, camps, hospitals, and prisons of the Civil–War era.








19 Responses to “Like a River: A Civil War Novel”

  1. Zoe C says:

    I really like this book. I think that the ending is great because Polly just went through war but still gets reunited with Leander. It’s cool that she went through war and her fathers death with a positive mind set.

  2. Emma J says:

    Like a River was an outstanding DCF book this year. It had a lot of feeling and emotion. It definetly made me want to keep reading and never put it down.

  3. kyleeg says:

    Like a river was an amazing book, it was very sad that Nate would not be able to walk again and go to the army which was his dream to do. If I had to I would read it again.

  4. Manny F. says:

    Like a river was my favorite DCF book by far i love history and this book brought it to life in a exciting adventure

  5. Haven M says:

    The book Like a River is my third favorite DCF book after The War That Saved My Life and Echo. It was interesting to see the points of view from both Polly/Paul Settles and from Leander Jordan. My favorite part was when (spoiler alert) Sultana exploded and Polly had to fight the current to save herself. It showed that Polly was very strong and determined. During the part at the hospital it showed that Leander was also strong because he fought the fever and survived it all.

  6. FletcherVT says:

    why is the camp like that?

  7. FletcherVT says:

    dear pyush, i think the book is sad too

  8. FletcherVT says:

    I think Givin lender and Polly are going to be grate frends.

  9. piyushvt says:

    hello Payton ,do you like how there were only two main characters.

  10. piyushvt says:

    Hello Payton , I also liked the book very much.

  11. piyushvt says:

    Like a river is a great book it is about war . This book covers the most dreadful moments of the civil war . It has young Polly settles and Leander Jordan . This book has many settings like Andersonville prison , sultana , and the union hospital. .It has many characters .This is about the book “Like a river “.

  12. piyush vt says:

    This book is an interesting war book . I think the author did a good job. This book is about war death and sadness. I have to say the book is sad . The book has three main characters Polly settles , Leander jordan ,and Given Mcglade . THIS WAS A GREAT BOOK .

  13. fletcherVT says:

    I like how there are 2 characters to

  14. Payton says:

    I absolutely loved this book I like how there are 2 main characters.

  15. piyush vt says:

    Why does Polly and other union soldiers get taken ?

  16. piyush vt says:

    Why does Polly want to be in the army in the first place ?

  17. piyush says:

    How is it possible for the incident to happen to Leander and why is he getting expelled from the army.

  18. Anonymous says:

    How is it even possible for the incident to happen to leander and why is he getting expelled from the army.

  19. caroleoglesby says:

    How did Leander’s personality caused the accident to happen? How did the injury affect
    his personality?

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