Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Goodbye Stranger

on August 26, 2016

Back in grade five, Bridge,Tabitha and Emily made a pact. Never to fight, ever. Now, two years later, they’re still best friends, but other things are changing. Bridge meets Sherm, and is soon excited and confused by her new, strange feelings. And when Emily starts texting pictures of herself to Patrick, Bridge and Tab find themselves complicit in a naïve plan that quickly spirals out of control.




10 Responses to “Goodbye Stranger”

  1. Manny F. says:

    I heard bad things about this book before i read it. It had an ok story but it was weird switching from chapter to chapter like it did

  2. Darrian H says:

    I liked the story it told but at first I found it confusing the way it was switching personalities without explanation.

  3. Pink Flower says:

    This book was not my favorite. It told a story about girls growing up and not making the right choices. This can get them in trouble. It also must be very humiliating. It was not perfect but it was an ok book.

  4. Emma J says:

    I really enjoyed Goodbye Stranger. I definitely think Emily shouldn’t of sent those pictures it caused a lot of trouble.

  5. kylee says:

    This book is one of my favorite DCF books. Because I like when she got a blackmail because she does not know who it is and it is like a mystery. I hope someone picks this book because it is really good.

  6. Kyle says:

    I think that Emily should’t sent that pic of her because it caused a lot of truble

  7. Zoe C says:

    GoodBye Stranger has a interesting topic. The main character Bridge is facing trouble in middle school. Her friends aren’t the same they are all boy crazy. Bridge finds this 1 boy who is different then the other. She has mixed feelings about him but is to scared to tell him

  8. Caseyt says:

    I think Emily should not of sent the pictures to patrick because then everything would not have gone out of control.

  9. Haven M says:

    I think that maintaining a friendship is sometimes easy, but it definitely is sometimes hard. You have to be careful what you say and do when you have a friend.

  10. Sacha says:

    As a new school year is starting, what things do you think will stay the same with your friends and what do you anticipate might change? Is maintaining a friendship easy, or hard work?

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