Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Circus Mirandus

on August 26, 2016

indexDo you believe in magic? Micah Tuttle sets out on a quest to visit the magical circus of his Grandfather Ephraim’s stories. Will he find the Lightbender and have his grandfather’s wish granted?






9 Responses to “Circus Mirandus”

  1. Emma J says:

    This book is very interesting. I loved the magic and adventure. It was a very uplifting book.

  2. Zoe C says:

    This book is very different. What I mean is that there is endless possibilities for the book. It is very magical and would never happen in the real world. But for a book its good for there to be fantasy, it can keep the reader engaged in the book.

  3. The watcher says:

    This book made me feel like there’s more than just are world this book was better than my previous favorite book

  4. ChaseVT says:

    (Response to Haven M) I like how you said that about friendship, I think you’re right, Micah and Jenny were friends, and they were the main characters in the book. Micah and Grandpa Ephraim were pretty close as well.

  5. ChaseVT says:

    (Response to Haven M)I understand the friendship part but what about the trust? You might be thinking about how Micah trusts his Grandpa but I think you might be able to make that clearer.

  6. ChaseVT says:

    What made Aunt Gertrudis so mean? I know why she doesn’t believe in magic but that doesn’t make her a mean person. She also was a relative of Grandpa Ephiriam, and he is awesome. What made her so mean?

  7. ChaseVT says:

    Circus Mirandus was intriguing book that was extremely well written. I feel sorry for Micah, first his aunt comes to Micah’s house to push him around, and second, his grandpa is dying. I’m surprised how well Micah handles it all.

  8. Caseyt says:

    Circus Mirandus is a fantastic book the ending just blew me away. The aunt is evil and good for Micah for not listening to his Aunt.

  9. Haven M says:

    This book was very intriguing and interesting. it shows how a young boy, 11 years old, named Micah strongly believes in magic and many people doubt him. this book has become one of my favorites. This book made me feel happy because it’s about friendship and trust.

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