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The Boundless

on September 3, 2015
Twelve year old Will Everett longs for excitement. Easier said than done for this shy and retiring boy who’s an artist, not an adventurer. He’s nothing like his strong father, who works on the first transcontinental Canadian railroad. After the ceremony to commemorate the maiden voyage of the magical train the Boundless, Will is thrust into adventure when he is caught in a deadly avalanche and later witnesses a murder. Will’s courage will be tested against gun-wielding villains, the Canadian wilderness, and a Sasquatch while he rides on the Boundless, all 18 miles of it. Will joins forces with Maren, a strong-willed tightrope walker who is traveling with the circus, and together they risk their lives to save the Boundless from disaster. Come aboard the most magnificent train ever built and be prepared to be thrilled!

37 Responses to “The Boundless”

  1. ElenaVT says:

    The boundless is an awesome book.I loved how it had action, mystery, and suspense.Also it is a very descriptive book so it’s easy to follow along on what’s happening (although the part about the muskeg hag was kind of confusing). Over all it’s one of my favorite DCFs this year.

  2. ReedVT says:

    this is an awesome book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ReedVT says:

    i loved this book it has some confusing parts but its really well written.

  4. cole says:

    I love this book: Mystery, Action and Suspence, great book

  5. 6silver says:

    This was a great book!

  6. Kristol says:

    I think that the book is action packed because the main character goes on a adventure. I really enjoyed it. @Dragon lord, if you enjoyed it, you should try Mark of the Dragonfly. It is really adventurous too.

  7. SUMO VAMPIRE says:

    This was a great book full of action filled events and mystery. My favorite part was when will encountered The Muskeg Hag. I recommend this book to all readers oboe 6th grade

  8. Isaiah says:

    I liked how they survived that avalanche and Will had something gold that his dad gave him and someone tried to steal it from him. Read it if you want to find out if they succeed.

  9. shakaa says:

    I like the Boundless because their was a lot of action, like the avalanche falling on the people next to the train, and when the Sasquatch attacked the people. And the most baddest thing of all was the menacing hag. I recommend this book if you like action books.

  10. soccer says:

    This book is crazy because they walk on trains and the hag makes everybody go crazy. That’s why you should read this book.

  11. bubbles says:

    This book is about a boy named Will and his friend that you will meet later on in the story and her nickname is Little wonder. They go through a lot of hard times and meet some strange people and some of them get that the kids are having a hard time and help them out . I recommend this book because it has a lot of mystery but the kids get through a lot and they grow older and stronger together. I loved it and hope you do to .

  12. johnboy says:

    I think that you would like this book because it is action packed. In one part of the book one guy is trying to steal the golden spike and the other guy is trying to save it from getting stolen.

  13. SUMO VAMPIRE says:

    This book was great!! It was so action packed. My favorite part was when the Indians attacked the train and when Will and Marin got into trouble with the Muskeg Hag. I recommend this to older readers from 5th grade and up because of swears and some scary parts, but all in all this was a great book.

  14. owen says:

    I just got back into Vermont and this book sounds good so I think I might like to read it. Who gets murdered?

  15. Dragon slayer says:

    I like this book because of all the adventure and because Will, a 13 year old boy, is trying to stay away from a mystery man, who is trying to kill Will.

  16. AlphaWolf says:

    I really loved this book. So far I’ve read it 2 times. I recommend it to anyone who likes intense stories. There are so many things happening in this story . I would like to go on the Boundless and see a sasquatch, well maybe a tame one! It is amazing how many times Will’s father was promoted after saving his boss’s life. It is surprising that Will is actually kind of sad that his family is rich now. That is what I thought of this book.

  17. BATMAN1805 says:

    This was a very good book! it is one of my favorites. I also like the cover of the book as well. 😀

  18. NicNic says:

    This book was amazing!!!!! It was such a good read. It was cool to see how much the character changed over the story. I was wondering what the longest train you have ever been on is?

  19. Makenna M says:

    Loved this book, anyone who is a thrill seeker should read it.
    It had an amazing story line and the detailing is exquisite and in depth. There are also lots of silly characters to keep you engaged and interested. I highly recommend this book.

  20. T man T.L says:

    I really want to read this book because it sounds so cool and I herd a lot about it and when i get a chance to read it I will but thanks FerrariManO.L. for letting me know how good it is .

  21. DragonBore72 C.L says:

    Dear Farri Man o.l
    thanks to you I can’t wait to read this book. I lovethrill and cliff hanger books so I might read the book as soon as posible. Thanks again.
    your friend,
    dragonbore72 C.l

  22. gabevt says:

    hey NoahVT

    I agree this book is super descriptive and NoahVT, I think that the book is a bit confusing because sometimes it slips into third person and like its Wills point of view the someone elses

  23. gabevt says:

    To NoahVT
    I agree that the muskeg hag part was confusing and I wonder how Maren got the spectacles from will. Do you think that there is multiple Muskeg hags. I think that would be bad

  24. gabevt says:

    I think that Will’s father has a big temper because in the beginning he gets mad at will for wanting to be a artist but Will is nice and be agreeable person and that I think throughout the book this Quality shows and sometimes it helps him and sometimes not. Another thing is that will is a good friend if someone is good to him

  25. gabevt says:

    I think Will is a kind and compassionate person. In the book I think that it has more adventure when theirs tiny things such as a bent gold spike or a circus can make big things in a book because it can spark larger events that will dominate such as at the book in the beginning he when he meets Maren or when Will gets of the train it will form a course through the book so there’s no turning back

  26. FerrariMan O.L. says:

    I think The Boundless is a great book for people who like cliff hangers or for thrill seekers.

  27. Dragon Lord says:

    My class is reading This book I like it so far

  28. Ella says:

    We are reading The Boundless in class right now. This book is very interesting and I would recommend it to people who like adventure.

  29. Larissa says:

    we are reading the Boundless in library class right now. It is very interesting. I would highly recommend this book to people who like thrilling adventures!!!

  30. hannahpeacock says:

    The Muskeg Hag is an invention of the author’s- perhaps to add creepiness, action and suspense to the book? What do you think?

  31. SarahVT says:

    this book looks really good i’m going to read and find out about the book

  32. NoahVT says:

    While I was reading, I couldn’t understand the part where it said muskeg hag? What is a muskeg hag, and why did it lead Will into that muck and make Brogan tackle one of his own men? I’m confused?

  33. NoahVT says:

    The book is very good! You should definitely read it! There are a couple places in the book that will leave you in relief, but definitely, read the book!

  34. 12345678910111213141516171819 says:

    I would like to read this!! it looks good

  35. NoahVT says:

    Hey $ DVJ$!
    You’re definitely right. Will was not as big and strong as his Dad but still, will was tough and helped out around the train. I haven’t quite finished the book. It’s real good so far. The avalanche proved that Will’s Dad was very courageous and strong helping Van Horne getting up so he wouldn’t get hurt.

  36. NoahVT says:

    This book is very detailed and descriptive of what the character is doing throughout the story. Will is awesome! I would be very surprised if our government would be able to create a train like The Boundless. It’s more then seven miles long! I bet Will and his father will fin more of those Sasquatch’s throughout their journey on The Boundless.

  37. $ DVJ$ says:

    cool book will wasnt as big and strong as his dad and he has the new girl in town taging along on a train away from his friends and family through the wilderness sounds FUNN!!!$$$$

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