Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

El Deafo

on September 2, 2015
Cece Bell lost her hearing from a bout of meningitis when she was four years old. In this memoir, told and illustrated as a graphic novel, Cece relates how her family tried to help hercope with this loss. She attempts to learn lip reading until she is outfitted with a Phonic Ear in the first grade. The best thing about wearing the Phonic Ear is that it equips her with secret super powers becausesuddenly, she can hear her teacher not just when she’s in the classroom, but in the teacher’s lounge, the hallway, and even the bathroom. When Cece’s family moves and she has to start a new school, her loneliness and need for friendships are complicated the self-consciousness she feels wearing her clunky Phonic Ear. Will the superpowers it brings help her with what she wants more than anything else, a true friend?

130 Responses to “El Deafo”

  1. maxman says:

    I didnt like this book at all because this was “The book” that everybody liked, but it wasn’t that good. The story line, how it skips a lot of years and didnt go through his full life. I would not recommend this to book anybody.

  2. person says:

    i didn’t like this book 😐

  3. Taylor says:

    This was an okay book I thought I was going to be better than it was but over all it was okay just everyone made it sound so much better than it so there a peace of my mind okay?Okay.��🆗��

  4. Friday says:

    I like this this book because it in spyering for all the delth people in the world and give cerige

  5. zace says:

    This book is good for people with an imagination.

  6. bobofvt says:

    This is a great book; I had it checked out for a long time! 😉

  7. axel_vitsal says:

    This was a great book! I also recommend it for people who love funny comic books and graphic novels.

  8. aaliyah says:

    This book pulls you in and won’t let go until your done with it. It is sad at some points in the book and there is funny, weird stuff too. You should know Cece Bell is the most important character in the book. Cece has a bad hearing problem and she also has a very good imagination.

  9. under armour says:

    I think that this book was funny, but also sad at times. A few of the funny parts are when Cece’s teacher is going to the bathroom and Cece can hear her. But one sad part was when she found out how she was deaf. Also it was sad when she cut her eye when she was with her friend and her friend thought it was her fault. I enjoyed this book because there are many exiting things but sad things as well. I hope that other people will enjoy the book as much as I did.

  10. Harry Potter says:

    I really enjoyed this book because it was so funny. I like how she got the name El Deafo from a tv super hero. I also love how she has a crazy mind.

  11. ONFIRE says:

    El Deafo is an action packed book with smiles on every page. The main charcter is Cece she is an adventurous kid that becomes deaf. With the love of super heros she came up with the name: EL DEAFO! this book is a page turner and you cant put it down. I would recommend this to anybody because it is a funny and an action packed story.

  12. Elliot says:

    This was a great book. I especially liked how she always seemed to spring back from bad things. I surprisingly did not realize that it was a biography until I read the author’s note!

  13. novastar3453 says:

    Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love those super powers! I liked to be in Cece’s head to feel what it like to be deaf.

  14. holly says:

    I love the book El Deafo! You ask why?
    Because Cece goes through many hardships and somehow finds a way to get through them. I think that you should read this if you like funny and sad books.

  15. Amy says:

    This was an interesting book. I think that anybody that likes funny graphic novels would really like this book. In the start of the book it was a little sad then it got happy as it went on. I recommend this book to people that like funny books with some sad twists in it

  16. selfie ninja says:

    The book is epic because of all the action and the hardships in Cece’s life. My favorite part is when Cece starts to lose her hearing. This was shown when the words in the word bubbles started fading away. I rate this epic book FIVE stars!!

  17. holly says:

    I love this book why you ask because it is funny and sad all at the same time. my favorite part is when the little girl kicks her mom in the leg when she was day dreaming about being a super hero an she was dreaming about kicking her mom an in really like she did. that is why i love this book I think you should read this book.

  18. BB Queen says:

    This book is amazing, not only because of how the author really showed the hard times that CeCe went through with her hearing and with her eye injury, but with the way the author showed how in school friendships they can be there one second and not be there the next, and sadly that’s how it was. I recommend this book for people who like books where the characters go through hardships.

  19. pinklover_2348 says:

    El Deafo,

    This was an interesting book. I would recommend this book to people who like funny
    graphic novels. In the beginning its a little sad,but there is a happy ending!

  20. moomooshrum72 says:

    El Deafo is a really good book because in the pictures the people are rabbits. Because Cece, the main character loved rabbits.

  21. Bahama Gerl says:

    El Deafo is an amazing book. It has sad times, but it also has good times. I felt sorry for Cece because she had to switch friends, schools, teachers and practically lives. If I lost my hearing I would have trouble having and keeping a normal life.

  22. Bahama Gerl says:

    El Deafo is an amazing book. It is sad at times but also happy at times. I feel bad for Cece having to switch friends, teachers and schools and lives. I mean if I lost my hearing I would have trouble having and keeping a normal life.

  23. ocean lover says:

    El Deafo is awesome because it is about this girl that has to have a hearing aid. I would this recommend book to people that like comic books.

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing

  25. JG-A says:

    @Mia I agree that the book is sad to start. But I thought she was happy at the end because she made friends.

  26. pack shamel says:

    @alexanderVT I agree that the author skiped the details of her birthday.

  27. Mia says:

    I have heard nothing but good things about this book my friend Bryanna said she likes it but she said it can get sad @ times but the funny times make up for all the sad times. TBH I think it sounds a little depressing.

    ——————- Sincerly Mia

  28. Midnight_Blue says:

    I am just reading this book now and I am excited to read it

  29. vtartist says:

    I loved this graphic novel and I was very happy that this book got nominated for the 2015-16 DCF. I recommend this book to any kid that likes graphic novels.

  30. PrettyInPink084 says:

    This was a great book. I would recommend it for kids who like funny comic books! In the beginning it was really sad but she got a device to help her hear. At the end she was really happy!

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