Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

The Crossover

on September 1, 2015
Twelve-year-old twin brothers Josh and Jordan (JB) Bell are kings on the basketball court. As their winning season unfolds, things begin to change. JB becomes more interested in a girl than in the big game, and their father’s health deteriorates. Josh, who narrates the story, has a hard
time coping with the changes around him. He wants to win it all and is dismayed by the distractions. Written in dynamic verse infused with hip-hop and jazz rhythms, this fast and furious middle grade novel bounces with energy and bursts with heart.

33 Responses to “The Crossover”

  1. shamar says:

    its a really good book

  2. owen says:

    I thought the way the author wrote this is interesting but confusing because they don’t really line up to the words. Also I think that there should not be basket ball rules. But beside that I love the book and I think every one should read it.

  3. flower of the north says:

    I think it was a very good and sad 🙂

  4. kitty cat says:

    This is a really good book. I encourage you guys to read this book

  5. canman122 says:

    I love this book because I love sports and poems. It was sad when JB didn’t talk to josh because of the incident. It was sad when the dad also had problems.

  6. canman12 says:

    I love this book because I love sports and these kind of poems. it was sad when JB didn’t talk to Josh because of the incident then it was sad when there dad had the incident

  7. canman12 says:

    I love this book because i like sports and poems. It was sad that JB didn’t talk to Josh for a while because of the incident. It was also sad when their dad has problems.

  8. chicagoblackhawk says:

    I like this book.But I am not a huge fan of poetry so it was okay but not the best.

  9. Brie says:

    It caused mixed emotions for me. This book has my vote as well. I went to amazed to still amazed but sad. I like how he puts rules in. I hope Crossover wins crossing my fingers.

  10. Makenna M says:

    I honestly thought that this book was really inspiring especially since I love basketball. At the end it was sad but at least they will always have basketball. Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if the dad did have surgery. It totally has my vote. I also really loved the relationship between the two brothers and how it was sad yet funny. Every one should read this book.

  11. Baskitball says:

    I like this book because it is about basketball and i like the way it is written.

  12. meme says:

    I love this book I knew I was gonna love it cause I love basketball an when I read the first page it was hevan awesome book #GOODJOB #LOVEIT

  13. Jordan says:

    I really love this book so far I fell in love with it just reading the first page. I can’t wait to see what Kwame comes up with next.

  14. Hockey player 3000 says:

    I love the weird talk when he is crossing all those people over but of course I would not know if it’s cool because I play hockey

  15. Kane says:

    This book created so many mixed emotions for me, from really happy, to extremely sad. I love the way the book is written in a poem form. It also builds up suspense in certain places, especially near the end. It was really sad in some parts and how the brothers separated from each other for a while, but came back in the end. The ending was devastating at first, and I was so sad. Overall a really awesome book, though!

  16. Maddie says:

    Yes! And I’m extremely excited!

  17. hannahpeacock says:

    Are you coming to the next Dorothy Canfield Fisher conference, Maddie?

  18. Maddie says:

    I loved this book because of how it is set up in verse. I will admit, at first it highly confused me, but by the time I got to part two, I totally knew how to follow on. I didn’t have a favorite character, but I really liked the father. This was my fifth book! I’m so excited to see you all at the conference!

  19. Maddie says:

    I cannot wait to read this book! I feel I know what will happen because of many spoilers and I also read over my friends’shoulder as well. But the actual magic of the book will cause me to completely go blank.Can’t wait! I would love if you could give me your opinions on The Crossover.

  20. SophiaVT says:

    Sarah VT, you are right this book is very good. I would highly suggest this book. The text can be a little complicated, but If you like basket ball, I think you would enjoy it.

  21. SarahVT says:

    This book looks really good because my friends had told me about it . and that i really like basketball.

  22. owen says:

    I love how the brothers are friends until something bad happens. I love how Josh gives nick names to Miss Sweat T`ea. I love how sad and happy at the end. The brother relationship is struggling and how the dad is becoming weaker and weaker.I say everyone should read this book.

  23. PalNan says:

    The uniqueness of this book helps it to be a compelling read. It has a strong storyline, and well developed characters. The mother of twins is an Assistant Principal at their school, and the dad is a former NBA star. Enjoy this book!

  24. Ms. Thompson says:

    I think the verse in the book added to the feeling of a love of basketball. The way the poems flow feels like the movement of a basketball around the court.

  25. Ms. Thompson says:

    Do you normally like book written in verse?

  26. Maya says:

    This book was the best book I have read that was written in verse. I enjoyed it very much and would suggest it to anybody who likes basketball.

  27. Kat Valentine says:

    I really want to really this book, if you could give me a heads up if this is a really good book. Thanks!

    And my friend is going to read this book and she said that this is really good

  28. #CP3(not really) says:

    Man this book is da BOBM sad how it ends 🙁 total cliffhanger!

  29. pugsforever123 says:

    This book sows a lot of good dscription and it is based on 2 really good nba players.

  30. maxman says:

    as a reader of crossover i like how it was put into poem form and how it gave a definitions of hard words and sometimes put a song in the book to get you hyped up.

  31. maxman says:

    i thing this was such a good book and i love how it was put together and it was sad but it it was great, it was very emotional and sad and how his brother is slowly separating from him as he grows up.

  32. Ms. Thompson says:

    It was an great book but it certainly had some sad parts in it!

  33. Andrew says:

    It was such a good book but what I did’nt like was how the dad died and how JB started not talking to josh and how Joshes mom wouldn’t let him play in the playoff game but I liked how Joshes mom let him play in the champion ship game

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