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Saturday Boy

on November 11, 2014

Here is a picture that DCF reader Shaniqua drew of Derek from Saturday Boy.






















Are there any other reader/artists who would like to share?

Kate Davie



9 Responses to “Saturday Boy”

  1. hannahpeacock says:

    I don’t think Saturday Boy is like Wonder and it is definitely not like Wimpy Kid! Once you get into it, the tile will make sense.

  2. SUPERGIRL2004 says:

    This book sounds very good! Why is it called Saturday Boy, though? I am reading Wonder right now. Is Saturday Boy like Wonder at all? Or Diary of a Wimpy Kid? 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Mee2016 says:

    This was an awesome book! I loved how the author included some of the materials from his childhood. I was sad to hear the news about his dad but this was amazing!

  4. Pompeii7 says:

    Saturday Boy is a really good story. It is fun to read about the main character and everything he does. It is very interesting and at some point sad. I definitely recommend this book!

  5. TGM says:

    The Saturday Boy is a wonderful story. I loved when Budgie’s real name was made known! Also, fist connects with face is awesome!

  6. JDS says:

    This book was so good I couldn’t put it down. I was sad when Budgie and Derek decided not to be friends anymore and became enemies. I thought that Derek’s nickname was pretty funny. I liked how Derek was very kind to Budgie when he found out why Budgie didn’t really like him.

  7. magicmonkey02 says:

    This book was really exciting and I could not put it down. You should read this book if you like funny, sad and suspenseful books. It was strange that Budgie and Derek were good friends then Budgie just decided to not like Derek any more. I like how he is just a normal kid and does things that a normal kid would do.

  8. SKI hard SKI home says:

    If you liked the book wonder you will enjoy this book just the same. In both books both the main characters were made fun of and no body really liked them. I could not stop reading it. Derek tried to earn respect from budgy. Like one time Derek climbed a tree and when he got to the top and turned around and budgy ran away.

    I like the connection you made with Wonder, I hadn’t thought of that. Why do you think people made fun of Derek? — Kate Davie

  9. CMwaterpower says:

    What is this book about by the title it sounds like it is about a boy who loves Saturday’s. Is this because there is no school on Saturdays.Does he go on a adventure because that would be cool.

    I haven’t caught up with this one yet — I hope another DCF reader can respond! Kate Davie

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