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The Center of Everything

on June 21, 2014

center of everythingby Linda Urban.

For Ruby Pepperdine, the center of everything is on the rooftop of Pepperdine Motors, stargazing from the circle of her grandmother Gigi’s hug. That’s how everything is supposed to be–until it goes spinning out of control. But Ruby has one last hope. It all depends on what happens on Bunning Day, when the entire town will hear her read her winning essay. And it all depends on her twelfth birthday wish– unless she messes that up too.

10 Responses to “The Center of Everything”

  1. smbugsy says:

    I think this book is hard to read too.The reason it is because the characters change alot. I do agree with you If this book was not so confusing it would be way awesomer and more better.Ido think the characters change because it’s more active in the middle of the story.

    I’m pretty sure Ms. Urban wasn’t trying to be confusing. Most stories have characters that change at least a little — it would be kind of boring if they didn’t. You can ask her why she made the choices she did in her writing on her website ( — Kate Davie

  2. sm bugsy says:

    I can relate to that because the book was confusing at first but it was easier to read as the story went on. I don’t know why it was easier to read later on in the story maybe because there was more stuff going on. I think the story would be way more awesome too if it was more easter to read and not as confusing so much.But i do think this book was awesome when i was reading the enter of everything.

  3. BWbunny says:

    Dear ,Ar Monkey
    I agree that it made me hungry for donuts but also made me tired.
    I think I got tired becuse like you said it changed a lot of caricters
    scenes and even moshon`s.
    BW Bunny

  4. BWbunny says:

    Dear,Sm Bugsy
    I liked how you described the book and agree that at first it was confusing.
    But overall it sounds like you understood the book and thats what counts.
    BW Bunny

  5. BWbunny says:

    In the scene where Ruby is trying to research at aunt Rachel`s houe for her essay Willow and Carter-Ann how are sibling`s are shooting invisible spider webs behind Ruby.
    I wonder how she can focus wen all she her`s is “I shot you” ”no you didn`t !”

    I have found that having a noisy family can increase a person’s ability to focus!– Kate Davie

  6. BWbunny says:

    3 weeks ago I found the book, The Center of Everything. There is a scene in this book where Ruby is going up on stage to read her essay. When she gets up on the stage she takes a moment of silence for Gigi, her grandmother who died two summers ago. Ruby thinks back to the last time she talked to Gigi and understands what she meant when she told Ruby to listen. Ruby then hears the sounds of her cousin returning from the portapotty, people buying donuts and cars leaving the parking lot. In this scene I really understood what she must have felt, heard and seen.

  7. sm bugsy says:

    The center of everything is a interesting book at least in my opinion.I would rather read adventure but overall it was a good book.I had a connection with Ruby and her grandmother (Gigi) i used to sit outside with my grandmother at night and look at the stars.My connection that i made i think made me understand the book better.Lucy Ruby and Nero are my favorite characters because they can relate to me well.

  8. sm bugsy says:

    I just finished my book yesterday. It wasn’t the best book but i injoyed reading it.The center of everything is a interesting book although it gets better as it goes on.I thought it was confusing at first but it got easier.The reason i think it was tricky because i didn’t read carefully enough.In the middle of the book it was the best part the reason why i don’t wan’t to say because it would spoil the book.I recommend this book to you if you like fiction books.

  9. ar monkey says:

    I just finished the book a day or two a go. When I finished it I was surprised that later in the book it got easier to understand, because the characters were not changing often.Earlier in the book they did not change as much.I would love to tell you my favorite part of the book but that would give it a way but I will give you a clue it has to do with Ruby, Lucy and Nero. What is it?

  10. ar monkey says:

    I think this book is okay. So far the reason I think this book is okay is because it is hard to understand when the character changes a lot. If I could understand The Center of Everything (which is my book) It would be the best book in the world!!!!!!!!! This book is about a girl named Ruby and her best friend Lucy. In the first 20 to 30 pages, Ruby and Lucy do not come up much and they talk about doughnuts a lot and that makes me hungry. Do you think that would that make you hungry? If you like realistic fiction you might like this one.

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