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The Adventures of a South Pole Pig

on June 21, 2014

south pole pigby Chris Kurtz.

Flora the pig ditches the sedentary life on the farm for an adventure in Antarctica, where she escapes the knife and lives her dream of pulling a sled with a team of dogs.

41 Responses to “The Adventures of a South Pole Pig”

  1. GAB says:

    If you like fiction this is a good book for you. The main point is a pig named Flora loves adventures and she could never have one but she gets into a really big adventure near the middle of the book.I thought the book was funny,surprising,and happy.

  2. cats and dogs. says:

    I want to read this book

    Well, I hope you get to and that you let us know what you think! — Kate Davie

  3. skiing girl says:

    I really enjoyed this book because it really made you wonder if they were going to survive or not.

  4. Pandapower says:

    I really enjoyed this book towards the end when the were in the North Pole. It made me wonder if they were going to survive or not!

  5. #Brilliant Ballerina says:

    This book was funny, detailed, & the pictures were really great. Also,I liked the part when Flora the Pig wanted to help Oscar during the trip,& when she was trying to escape into the outside world from her mom & brothers.

  6. bob2.1 says:

    I love that flora thinks that she can travel to south pole. Because she can`t but she does any way. and she is awesome! bros and girls

  7. #Brilliant Ballerina says:

    This book was really fun to read. Also,I liked all the details
    & pictures.

  8. Katie-Cat says:

    I think that the Adventures of the South Pole Pig is a good book because Flora is a nice character and she has a really high spirit aka AWESOME PIG.

  9. werners says:

    I think all of your comments are great! My comment is the book adventures of the south pole pig is a great story! i found it very adventures, no doubt about that! the story was great, I loved it! I liked the part when she made friends with the mouse at the wrong time. more like all the mouses!!

  10. NF says:

    This book Adventures of a South Pole Pig takes place when a pig wants to pull a sled. Then there are people who take her on a ship going to the south pole. She things she will pull a sled, but things are not what they seem.

  11. LPJ GES says:

    Okay Kate. Near the begining of the book the auther is saying that Flora (the pig) is play with a rusty metal thing and then Flora’s mom takes the NAIL away. She spoiled the hole mystery.

    Uh-oh, now I’m really out of my depth! I don’t understand the implications of this. I will post again as soon as I catch up with this one!–Kate Davie

  12. LPJ GES says:

    I honestly think the writing in this book was sloppy.

    Hmmm. I haven’t read this one yet. Can you provide us with an example? — Kate Davie

  13. 1D lover Tiffany says:

    I love Nora, she’s unstoppable. She loves getting ideas from the cat. When she gets put back into her cage she doesn’t give up!

  14. Animelover92 says:

    I think that this book was adorable! I love how the author made a DCF finally for kids and family. She looked so cute in the dress. If you like pigs and fiction this book is for you! #best book this year

    She does make an entertaining pig/heroine! If you are willing to share, I would be interested to know why a DCF book for kids and family is something you have had to wait for. — Kate Davie

  15. escat says:

    I like that even though Flora and Sophia got off on the wrong foot, they are now good friends.

  16. escat says:

    Maria, I think that it is cool that they finally talked about a pig that wasn’t a runt. I agree with what Katie said, that Charlottes Web is good, but I think its neat that they are writing about pigs that are stronger. But I want to say, I like how she cares for her little brother Alfred.

  17. escat says:

    Hey Maria! I agree! She is really lucky to have that coat.

  18. escat says:

    I like how flora is in the weirdest places and trying to keep her friends alive

  19. maria says:

    Ozwen on October 30 you said this book is not derby. what do you mean by that? This book is not derby?

    Sometimes readers are so excited that spelling falls by the wayside. I think Ozwen called it “not derpy”. Maybe it’s a too-fast spelling of “dopey”. Maybe it’s new internet vocabulary! Kate Davie

  20. maria says:

    kate davie you said that in real life runts are sad, I know they are sad. Its just in the book they make it sound all cute and its SO hard to be a runt. Also the firstborn[Flora]
    is always looking out for the runt.

    Yes — I am glad you have brought some realism to a topic which is often misrepresented in literature! But I am glad that Flora is a responsible character.– Kate Davie

  21. Maria says:

    I also think that Flora’s little dress or whatever it is she wares is SO cute! >D I was so sruperised that the little boy who’s name i forget give here that coat thing is was SO sweet!

  22. Maria says:

    I am still not done with this book,but I am very close and love love love it!One reason I like it is because most book about pigs are about the runt this book is about the fist born who has a nose for adventure and trouble unlike some books that are about the runt and there so cute and helpless.Well I’m sick of that!

    Maria, as much as I love Charlotte’s Web, I was delighted to read your comment! In my experience, real-life runts are mostly just sad. — Kate Davie

  23. Srbruins says:

    What is the pigs name if it doesn’t I would give it a nameπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜

    My copy has the pig’s name on the back cover. Does yours?– Kate Davie

  24. destanie101 says:

    i think this book is cool

    Do you mean cool as in polar weather, or cool as in fun to hang out with? — Kate Davie

  25. atwobenny says:

    Ha! Ha! snuggle cat who are the RATS are they some type evil villain group or are they actual RATS?

  26. ozwen says:

    this book is not derpy. (:

  27. ozwen says:

    Is’t a cool book.):

  28. ozwen says:

    I am reading a book called, the adventures of a south pole pig. It is is a good book, it has some funny parts in it ,also a lot of excitment. There is a pig,dog and a cat.The pigs name is Flora. The dogs name is Oscar. and the cats name is Sophia. It is a novel. It has some pictures in it but not many.

  29. ozwen says:

    The book im am reading is good. it is geting perety funny, also i have a faveret part it is when Flora and sophia [Spoiler info deleted — Kate Davie] it was funny and exciting at the same time. it is geting good.

  30. ozwen says:

    The pig kicks [Spoiler info deleted]. )”

    Sorry, OZ, that seemed as though it might be giving away an important plot point!– Kate Davie

  31. ozwen says:

    I think the pig looks funny in a dress. πŸ™‚

  32. ozwen says:

    isn’t this good right? πŸ™‚

  33. ozwen says:

    i think this book is very good

  34. Srdude says:

    why is there a pig in the book .

    I can see why the pig is in the book, but I think we will need to read it to discover why the pig went to the South Pole! Kate Davie

  35. ryan graves 10 14 14 says:

    i want to read this book.

  36. snuggle cat says:

    i like this book so far ! i am at the part ware she is in hold i started to feel bad for flora because she got beat up by RATS before she was abel to eat her food!!!!!

  37. MEW says:

    Adventure of a south pole pig was an exciting, adventurous and very funny book I did not want to stop reading and I want to read it over and over again.

  38. lilchlosterpink9 says:


  39. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    Yeah your right Katie Davie. lil

    I assume she is a very special pig! Kate Davie

  40. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    or outfit.

    Hmm, yes, I think it is a fur-trimmed jacket. Kind of an odd thing for a pig to be wearing. Kate Davie

  41. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    I think this is cool about this pig its cool and she looks adorable in that dress

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