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Saturday Boy

on June 21, 2014

saturday boyby David Fleming.

Every school day seems to bring more trouble to eleven-year-old Derek, whose former best friend bullies him, while at home he deals with the long absence of his father, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, and his mother’s sudden moodiness.

25 Responses to “Saturday Boy”

  1. #puppys says:

    OMG I love this book. I love how the book really sets a scene in your mind.

  2. TURBRO PRIME ! says:

    I think this book is exciting like you don’t know what expect.

  3. JDS says:

    In the book I liked how Derek easily adjusted to the fact that he knew what happened to his father. I also like how he really loved his Mom and his Aunt.

  4. J-M-P GES says:

    The Saturday Boy is a really good book. I loved the part of the end of the book. I felt really bad for Derek because of his father. It was such a good book.

  5. monkey123 says:

    Why do you think his father didn’t have the letters [Spoiler info deleted. — Kate Davie]? Or have them go straight to Derek? Why do you think the soldier didn’t mail the letters, but actually went to Derek’s house to deliver them?

  6. baller22 says:

    well I like this book but it starts really slow but my favorite part is at the end and to me it is not that sad.

  7. sd says:

    It didn’t make me die of boredom. I really liked all of the pictures

    Well, I guess that’s good news. What did you think about the author’s main ideas? — Kate Davie

  8. mm says:

    I’ve read a lithe bit of saturday boy could anybody make any recommendations?

    Quite possibly. Would you like recommendations for other books? — Kate Davie

  9. reader105 says:

    I love how the author wrote enough details to not bore me out.I enjoyed reading a book my level.Also it was like how the author made darek relate to actual conflicts.

  10. sportsgirl says:

    I love the Saturday Boy. Its one of my favorite books! Why? It is because the author uses detail that makes it feel like your right with Derek the main character. Also Derek goes through some hard times. There is action,dialog,think and so much more, that is what makes it a great book. That is why you should read this book if you haven’t. πŸ™‚

  11. Shaniqua says: This is the link for my picture of Derek, it might not work though.

    Google Docs said I needed to ask your permission. Other readers might all have to do the same thing, so even though you are way ahead of me, we might want to revert to the old-fashioned e-mail route! — Kate Davie

  12. Shaniqua says:

    How do I post the picture I drew?

    I think I need to help, at least until I’ve done a bit more research. Can you e-mail a digital copy to me at kate.davie(at sign) I will put it in the main post while I research putting pictures in comments. If other readers have pictures they want to post, we can start an image gallery.

    Thanks for thinking outside the box! — Kate Davie

  13. Shaniqua says:


  14. Shaniqua says:

    I’ve read this book for a school project and I drew a picture of what I thought Derek looked like. This book gives me creative ideas. πŸ™‚

    Would you like to post it here? — Kate Davie

  15. Bea says:

    This book really surprised me. At first I didn’t think much of it, but I enjoyed reading.

  16. aq COOL GUY! says:

    It is called Saturday Boy srbruin because the boy is waiting at the bus stop on Saturday.

  17. aq COOL GUY! says:

    I agree with you catwomn555 this is sort of a sad book.

  18. aq COOL GUY! says:

    I feel bad for Derek because he hasn’t seen his dad in years because his dad is in the army.That would be hard for me not to think about my dad.

  19. srbruin says:

    what dose saturday boy mean.

    I haven’t read this one yet; are there any DCF readers out there who can field this question? Kate Davie

  20. bigsister1000 says:

    I love The Saturday Boy!!!!!!!

  21. bushman says:

    i agree

    With Catwomn555’s comment? Kate Davie

  22. vievo55 says:

    My brother Gabe’s read the the book and he says its pretty good.

    Great minds think alike — the DCF committee and Gabe are all on the same page! What do YOU think? Kate Davie

  23. bigsister1000 says:

    I just started this book yesterday but I love it all ready!

  24. bushman says:

    this book is AWESOME

    Bushman, could you please contact me at kate.davie(at sign) Kate Davie

  25. catwomn555 says:

    This is sort of a sad BOOK AND SOME OF it is true

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