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Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace

on June 21, 2014

hiding outby Nan Marino.

When musical prodigy Elvis Ruby completely freezes up on television, he is forced to hide out in the Pinelands of New Jersey and try to find his way back to the music once again with the help
of a new friend.

36 Responses to “Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace”

  1. gymnasticsAC says:

    This is a great book for a person interested in music, because it tells you what NOT to do at a big performance. I liked the book because I love pancakes and music, and boy, is there a lot of both of those things!

  2. BWD says:

    The book Pancake palace was a great book it was also great that Aunt Emily took Aaron(Elvis) Under her wing to take him out of the spotlight.

  3. Fin#64 says:

    This book is one of the best in the business. The book drags you through. Pancake lovers, this is the for you!

  4. emin says:

    I think I’d like to read this book! Someone said, “It’s the best book ever”. That made me curious. Why is it the best book? Also, another reader blogged that it made them want to eat panckes, and I love pancakes!

  5. JDS says:

    In the book I liked how fast Aaron(Elvis) fit in and how Millicent and Aunt Emily both were very kind and willing to take Aaron in on short notice.

  6. JDD says:

    I thought that the book was very good because there were some thing you would never see coming form the title of the book hiding out at the pancake palace. In the book there quite a few twists.

  7. Mee2016 says:

    This book is great for people of all ages. There is excitement and mystery which sets a good mood for the book. I liked this book so much it made me want pancakes!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This book is great for people of all ages. There is both excitement and mystery which sets a good mood for the book. I liked this book so much it made me want pancakes!

  9. D K-R GES says:

    This book is one of the best books.

  10. NF says:

    This book Hiding out at a Pancake Palace takes place when Elvis Ruby is hiding out. It is a story of a girl who wants to hear trees sing Elvis, but please call him Aaron, is hiding and an award is offered for whoever finds him.

  11. braidedgirl says:

    I was excited to read this book because I have heard good things about it. It was a good book but sometimes got a little confusing. After you got to the next chapter you would understand it more though. I would recommend this book to people who like mysteries and people who enjoy different kind of books

  12. sbsnake says:

    Dear srbruin on october 16,2014 you wrtote,the book is funny and crazy. Why did the auther chose pancakes.I think the auther chose pancakes becase pancakes are number one they are one of the best breakfestes in the world.number two nobody will know that some famous persin will be in a place that sells pancakes.

  13. sbsnake says:

    Dear atwobenny on october 29,2014 you wrote this looks like a good book.I also like the title becase it says pancake and my favorite brekfest is pancakes! And i like pancakes to. But i would seggjest it to readers that like myistery books.

  14. sbsnake says:

    I relly like the book HIDING OUT AT THE PANCAKE PALECE, becase of the characters in the book like MILLICENT and Aunt emily.But that is not the only resin I like the book,also becase of the seting.

  15. sdlava says:

    Dear Idallee, I agree with you, this book was a lot more mysterious than funny. I don’t get why people call Hiding Out At The Pancake Palace funny because there is not much silly or funny parts. I think that this book is really good but it is not as funny as I thought it would be.
    I think some parts are crazy but a lot of this book is serious. I defently recommend this book to people that enjoy mystery books.

    I thought that the parts where Elvis controls the people in the restaurant with his choices of music were funny! — Kate Davie

  16. sdlava says:

    Dear ar monkey, There is pancakes involved in this book but I think if the food was not pancakes the book would still be good. For example if the book was Hiding Out At The Cake Palace the book would be just as good as Hiding Out At The Pancake Palace but instead of pancakes there would be cake. This book is more about Elvis Ruby (the main character) then pancakes.This is a really awesome book and I recommend you read it even if you do not like pancakes

  17. SBsnake says:

    I like how they a inportant persin in the book and he runs away so nobody knows where he is.

  18. sdlava says:

    I wonder what kinds of things Elvis would have to do if he wanted his identity secret if he stayed in the Pineslands longer. For example would he go to school or would there be too many kids who might recognize him? Would he be able to travel anymore?If Elvis wanted to go to college or live someplace besides the Pancake Palace would he be able to do that?
    I am just saying that if he did not want be famous anymore he would have to stay mostly at the Pancake Palace. I have one more question , Would the people forget about Elvis if he stayed in hiding for a long enough time or would people remember him and he would become famous again?

  19. sdlava says:

    I really enjoyed this book. One thing I really liked about this book is the narrator changes every chapter. I like that the narrator changes because one person could be telling the story and then another character does something weird and it does not make sense but then when the chapter changes and the character that did the weird thing is narrating the story and the character can explain why she or he did that weird thing. Another thing I like about the narrator changing is I get to see all the different points of view . For example if Elvis thought that the trees could not sing but Cecilia thought the trees could sing I could predict that they might get in a fight.

  20. AAM says:

    This book was a nice story for a free read just to pass the time. But I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who needs heartfelt books. I really liked how the superstar moved to a little town but I didn’t like how Cecilia played into the story.

  21. A-Dog says:

    I thought this book was extravagant! There were a lot of cliff hangers. Imagine a world where you are very famous and you freeze on stage one day. You feel embarrassed so you decide to go into hiding…

  22. atwobenny says:

    This looks like a very good book. I also like the tittle because the tittle says pancakes and my favorite breakfast is pancakes! Why would you suggjest readers to read it?

  23. mhcatsareawesome!!!!! says:

    I made a connection with the boy named Elvis. I really like music and I play the piano. I think the author did a really good job on the setting. This is one of his lines on the first page.” If you need some place to hide try Pinesland. It’s a wild place filled with swamp streams and sand hills and salt marshes and bogs . There are towns too. Some so small they don’t even put it on a map.” I can visualize this perfectly!

  24. mhcatsareawesome!!!!! says:

    I wonder why the author picked pancakes? He could of picked french toast or bagels.(Hiding out in bagel palace)I don’t see many food books any more. This book has inspired me to be more myself and do things you want to do.I do hope that he wrote some other books!! I recommend this to kids who love pancake s or mysteries.

    The way “pancake” and “palace” alliterate might have had something to do with it. There have been a least a couple of food books on the not-too-distant DCF lists. Dear Julia, by Amy Bronwen Zemser, and Close to Famous by Joan Baur, come to mind. Kate Davie

  25. Idalee Zebra says:

    This book is actually not very funny, but is still very enjoyable. This book IS about pancakes, but is more about the life of a famous musician. I think the author chose pancakes because a pancake diner makes for an interesting place to hideout. I also think she chose the name Pancake Palace for the diner because it’s a great name. This book is more a mystery than funny and crazy.

  26. Idalee Zebra says:

    I have not read a lot of books where the narrator changes a lot, which is why I had a hard time understanding this book at first. The paparazzi were following Elvis around after he froze on stage, which was very overwhelming for Elvis, so he went to hide at the Pancake Palace. The paparazzi haven’t found him yet. This is my first book by Nan Marino. Have you read any of her other books?

  27. Idalee Zebra says:

    I have gotten used to the narrator changing so it isn’t confusing anymore! While Elvis is disguising as Aaron, he starts to like being a normal kid and I’m hoping he’ll learn that being famous doesn’t matter so much! I think part of why he froze on stage, was because his fans and especially his father put a lot of pressure on him to be the best and win. No longer was it about him enjoying playing music, it was about competing!

    Nice! Thoughtful analysis there, Idalee Z.! Kate Davie

  28. sfsteve says:

    Hiding out at the pancake palace is a good book if you do not know what to read.Although it is a bit confusing,it is a good and quick read.His cover is almost blown a few times.But every thing turns out [Semi-spoiler info deleted. — Kate Davie]

  29. sf\steve says:

    Hiding out at the pancake palace is a good book if you do not know what to read.Although it is a bit confusing,it is a good and quick read.His cover is almost blown a few times.But every thing turns out [Semi-spoiler info deleted. — Kate Davie]

  30. ar monkey says:

    I have all so read some books before that the narrator changes a lot in fact the book that I’m reading right now is hard in some parts of the book.I think it would be hard to do what i want be famous and live a nomal life!!Do you think you could tell me how is paparazzi is with out giving the book away? you are really making me what to read this book. Because I love mystery.Is this book about pancakes at all?:)

  31. mhcatsareawesome!!!!! says:

    Why is is the book funny? What is the funniest part?I like your comment but you need to use more detail use that advice for future reference. Do you like mystery? Don’t you like the authors description for the characters . This book makes me really hungry.Recommend this book to your friends!

  32. srbruin says:

    the book looks funny and crazy . why did the author pick pancakes.

    I think it’s because pancakes are comfort food, but let us know what you think when you read it! Kate Davie

  33. mhcatsareawesome!!!!! says:

    I think you did a really good job on your comment.nice job telling how you liked the book.I think It would be really hard to hide from paparazzi if everybody knows you.
    Don’t you think? Do you know the part when he tries to sneak to s to pancake palace? I won’t tell you anymore.Don’t you think that the author did a good job developing the story?Especially the music parts. I really think you and I chose a great book!!!!

  34. MJ got dat power says:

    [Off-topic comment deleted. Kate Davie]

  35. Idalee Zebra says:

    This book is good so far because I really enjoy mysteries, but is a bit confusing because the narrator changes off and on. I could see how it would be a lot of pressure to be really famous and to have to hide from paparazzi. Don’t you wish you could do what you love and still be able to live a normal life? I think the author has done a good job developing the characters and I like that I’m able to feel close to the characters!

  36. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    ha funny book. Lil

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