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on June 21, 2014

froggedby Vivian Vande Velde.

When almost-thirteen-yearold Princess Imogene is turned into a frog, she puts into practice lessons from the book, The Art of Being a Princess, as she tries to become her less-than-perfect self again.

25 Responses to “Frogged”

  1. Jasminne#1 says:

    I did not finish this book because it was overdue at my school library. Even thought I didn’t finish it, it was pretty good.

    Maybe you will be able to catch up with it after DCF voting! — Kate Davie

  2. Elsa says:

    I love the ending of frogged. It is funny when Ned dressed up Imogene as a crow.

  3. zebrapup419 says:

    I enjoyed this book a lot being a lover of fantasy! One thing I liked about princess Imogene’s character is how even though she went from royalty to frog she manages with the change pretty well in my opinion. But it wasn’t like she was much of a princess in her mothers eyes. But I thought it was sweet how much she tried to be the princess her mother wanted her to be. I learned from this book that people might not be what you would think they would be, which this book says a couple of times in different ways. I don’t want to spoil the book by saying how I think the book teaches you this, but i wonder how do you think the book teaches you this? Anyways, one of the things i like the most about this book is the Adventure’s Imogene goes through, it makes you laugh, and sometimes gets you a little angry for Imogene. Another thing is i’m not going lie to you, this book has a little romance, but not to much like a couple stories do. Last of all the ending has a great twist! I thought that it would end that she kisses true love and turns back to a human. Also i thought that the only reason she turned to a frog in the first place was because the frog she kissed wasn’t true love, but it went a totally different way. Well i hope if you read this book, you enjoy it as much as i did!

    Very thoughtful, ZP419! I especially like your assertion that it is “sweet” that Imogene tries to please her mother. In many novels it is taken as a given that the protagonist should quit trying to please her parents in order to be true to herself. So it is refreshing to see a reader willing to entertain the idea that she might be able to do both. — Kate Davie

  4. MARMITE says:

    This is a good book and i would reremend to people who like non fiction fantasy.

  5. AAM says:

    This book was a cute story that was a fun free read. It was a story that I would recommend for someone who likes different perspective of the original fairy tale of “The princess and the Frog.” All in all it was a fun story to read.

  6. pancake says:

    I didn’t really like the style of writing, it didn’t really have any exciting events,the author could have added some details to the writing.

    Well, some of us are more fearful of spending the rest of our lives as amphibians than others! I think it was about as tense as a book with a cover that pink is apt to get! But there are plenty of action/adventure books on the list too. Have you tried Zebra Forest or Prisoner 88? — Kate Davie

  7. Aleah says:

    I think Frogged is something I really enjoy reading. Right now I am in the middle of a great judy Moody book.


  8. ar monkey says:

    kmelephant I have not read this book before but if I was a frog I would what to not be steeped and if i could talk I would not want to be steeped on and if i could talk i would have long conversations with friends. Is Imogene a frog princess? When I’m done with my book I’m reading the book right now I am 100% I will read this book.I really HOPE I get o read this boo:)

  9. NHpupcat says:

    KM elephant
    where did you get your book?

  10. NHpupcat says:

    I hope to read it soon!

    Have you talked to your librarian? Kate Davie

  11. kmelephant says:

    what are you confused about. explain, you are confusing me when don’t say what you are confused about.
    I will be happy to help you understand Frogged .

  12. kmelephant says:

    what do you like really about this book? What was your favorite part? What was really cool about it?

  13. kmelephant says:

    I wonder why Bertie and Ned are so mean to Imogene (princess). It is cruel because Imogene is a perfectly good princess (AKA a frog). How would you like to be treated if you were a frog, you would want to be treated as if you were a person not as if you were a slave like Imogene was. In performances you would not want to be dangled by a string from a stick trying to be a crow. Ned and Bertie seem to be very mean people.

    Most stories have at least one villain, this one has a few extras! You could almost count the spell as one, although I suppose the person who invented it is the original bad guy. — Kate Davie

  14. kmelephant says:

    Kate Davie
    I mean, why did Imogene turn into a frog? It would make perfect sense if she just stayed a person and the wainwrights son turned into a person too. Instead the spell was reversed which was quite confusing because the wainwrights son had just been a frog and then Imogene was a frog instead. I think this is a mean spell and there should be some kind of spell to make no-one have to be a frog anymore.

  15. monkeymanning says:

    This book was funny, but i didn’t like the ending of it….

    Hmm, this is hard to discuss without leaking spoiler info. Did you think the ending was unlikely, or was it just not the ending you wanted? Kate Davie

  16. kmelephant says:

    why did Imogene turn into a frog when she kissed the wainwrights son, instead of staying a person?

    Do you mean, technically, or in terms of character development? Kate Davie

  17. sami says:

    I am reading this book it is really good so far!!!

  18. catwomn555 says:

    It is cool and you seem like a nice person kate daive

    It is definitely cool, and thank you, I try to be! Kate Davie

  19. catwomn555 says:

    i HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT with your friend will be willing to share

    Well, lilchlosterpink9 said she wanted to read it, but a friend had it. So I thought maybe the friend would be willing to loan it to her when he or she was finished with it. Kate Davie

  20. catwomn555 says:

    I really don’t want to spoil it so i don’t now – catwomman also known as Kiera

  21. catwomn555 says:

    I liked the frog part what was yours?

  22. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    and funny.

    Well, with any luck at all, your friend will be willing to share. Kate Davie

  23. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    oh well I want to read this but my friend has it
    but it looks so cool.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I haven’ read this book yet, but I am wondering what your favorite part was and why. F.A.

    I haven’t caught up with this one yet, would some intrepid DCF reader out there care to respond? Kate Davie

  25. catwomn555 says:

    This is a good book if you like fantasist and ficton

    What did you like best about it? Kate Davie

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