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Flora & Ulysses

on June 21, 2014

f & l by Kate DiCamillo.

Rescuing a squirrel after an accident involving a vacuum cleaner, comic-reading cynic Flora Belle Buckman is amazed when the squirrel, Ulysses, demonstrates astonishing powers of strength and flight after being revived.

29 Responses to “Flora & Ulysses”

  1. #swag21 says:

    This book was very descriptive when Fora saved Ulysses from the vacuum named Ulysses 2000x. When Ulysses got sucked up by the vacuum it was very descriptive. I loved that this book showed that when Flora saved Ulysses that she cared for him even though he was a squirrel. Thats why I though this book was very awesome.

  2. Kate C says:

    This book is AWESOME!! My favorite character was the temporarily blind kid, William Spiver. The best part was when his glasses fell off and he [Spoiler info deleted — Kate Davie. I started laughing when I read it!The storyline of a Super Squirrel who’s arch nemesis was Flora’s mom was a grea idea. Flora’s mom was in love with her Shepherdess. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have a good chuckle!!!

  3. cooleyo says:

    I love Flora and Ulysses. The book is about adventure comedy mystery and a book about friendship and family. My favorite parts are at the diner and at the women’s house from blundermisum. I also like the little shepherdess.

  4. LOOK AT THIS!!!! (o_o) says:

    This book was a great mix between comic/pictures and the regular words. How the story made Ulysses get super powers is so funny!

  5. Buttercup123 says:

    I love this book because of the illustration and the details Kate DiCamillo put in the story. The story was also adventurous and a little bit of magic.

  6. Katie-Cat says:

    I liked this story because the squirrel is a Super-Squirrel and helps people, not cats. At first Flora thinks that the squirrel is dead, but then it is ALIVE! I like the “magic”.

  7. SUPER GRANDMA! says:

    Flora & Ulysses is a funny and suspenseful and has a great storyline, super hero squirrels and evil moms is a awesome idea!!! I love it.

  8. JOE says:

    This books is very funny and it just takes your mind off everything, like nothing matters and it clears your mind.

  9. sierra says:

    I littk book of Fjora and Ujysses

  10. emma says:

    I liked that flora always ignors her mom. she is a very series careter.

  11. Rabbit says:

    I like when the squirrel got vauum him up.

  12. parispink4 says:

    I like all the details about how the squirrel has been through a lot.
    I also like how Flora’s mother adores a lamp. I thought that was cool.
    What I also enjoyed a lot was how a boy acted like he was blind

  13. nobody says:

    When I read this book I really liked it. I especially liked how the squirrel thinks “stupid lamp” every time it sees the lamp! The book is really funny.

    Does that mean you agree with Ulysses? — Kate Davie

  14. E Gilmour says:

    Jamespumpernickel31 – This is a very amazing book. I think you are right.

  15. E Gilmour says:

    squirrel and doctor who lover!! – I’ve read this book, too. I think it is a great story. It is a lot of fun.

    P.S. What if the squirrel from this book had a vs. video against Darth Vader?

    P.P.S. My favorite Dr. is the 4th Doctor! Look at that scarf – it’s crazy.

  16. E Gilmour says:

    I like the part in the book where the squirrel flies and lands on top of a waitress and she starts screaming and flailing around the fast food place!

  17. E Gilmour says:

    I like this book.

    Question: What in the world is a giant donut?

    If I ever get one, I’ll get one with Sprinkles, just like the squirrel in this book likes to.

  18. Srbruins says:

    This book looks awesome ![Extra punctuation deleted.] So much I want to blow up !

    I’m glad you are looking forward to reading this book but, please, no explosions on the blog — that’s so messy! — Kate Davie

  19. jamespumpernickel31 says:

    James Pumpernickel31 says that is an amazing Book

  20. Caleb says:

    Sorry I posted two of the same type of comments I had some problems with the first one so I tried it again.

    Full marks for persistence! Kate Davie

  21. Caleb says:

    I am not quite done with this book yet so don’t spoil it. I really like it so far. I think it is a good book to read of and on, or at least that is what I am doing. Anyway I really like and suggest this book.

  22. Caleb says:

    Still reading this but love it so far. I love the mix of comics within the book. I think its a great book to read off and on. That’s what I’m doing anyway. Try this book I think you’ll like it.

  23. booklady says:

    This is a great story for someone who loves fantasy fiction. It has a lot of great cartoons throughout the story.

  24. chicken12345 says:

    I have read this book twice because it’s a fun adventurous story of the superhero squirrel named Ulysses and his friend, a comic loving girl named Flora. A story full of adventure, fun and betrayal.

  25. Squirrel says:

    I loved this book. I read it because i’m a squirrel.(Just kidding i just really love SQUIRRElS.)

    Even squirrels can vote for DCF, provided they have read five of the books! Kate Davie

  26. squirrel and doctor who lover!! says:

    One reason i read this book is because i love squirrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize that this book was gonna be as good as it was. Oops sorry i meant GREAT!!!!!! If you havent read this book than read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The squirrel doctor

    Okay, Squirrel Doctor, we are convinced of your enthusiasm, but can you tell us WHY you think it is great? Besides the inclusion of epic squirreliness? Kate Davie

  27. book lover says:

    I loved this book. It would be great for comic book readers,in a 1-5 and 5 being best I would rate it as a 5. I loved how it was a clever,sweet,emotional story with a squirrel.

  28. LB23waterfalls says:

    I”M reading this book and I love it. I’ve only just begun but I want to keep reading because I want to find more about Flora and Ulysses. Although Flora is a girl and Ulysses is a squirrel, Flora can understand Ulysses by the way he acts. this is amazing to me because I would never be able to do this.

  29. LB23waterfalls says:

    I am reading this book for a book report and I think I chose a very good book. Flora is a person and Ulysses is a squirrel. So far, Flora and Ulysses have become friends and Flora has even been able to understand Ulysses. Now you are probably wondering how they met,it all started on a sunny day when Flora was reading a comic and she heard a noise so Flora went to her window to see that a squirrel was about to be vacuumed up. But unfortunately all Flora could do was watch. However the squirrel did not die because the vacuum cleaner was turned off just right before the squirrel was in danger.

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