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Doll Bones

on June 21, 2014

doll bonesby Holly Black.

Zach, Alice, and Poppy, friends from a Pennsylvania middle school who have long enjoyed acting out imaginary adventures with dolls and action figures, embark on a real-life quest to Ohio to bury a doll made from the ashes of a dead girl.

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  1. tmulder says:

    Doll Bones is a scary book with a doll made of a girl’s bones and ashes. The ghost of the doll will supposedly make Alice sorry, unless the doll is buried in her empty grave. As you go through the book, you learn how the girl died, why she is now a doll, and how she’ll make Alice and her friends sorry!

  2. Selfie swag #1 says:

    I would recommend Doll Bones to someone who is looking to read a mystery. Poppy, Zack, and Alice go on a quest to put a ghost doll to rest, for good. Along the way they had some trouble getting to their destination. This book is adventurous, mysterious, and exciting. I recommend this book.

  3. Horsedog37 says:

    I like the three characters that went on a adventure. The doll does really creepy stuff in the story. I recommend this to people who like creepy story.

  4. selfieswag2 says:

    I think that this book is really well written and it was very descriptive. It was soooo creepy when the doll moved in the cupboard. I recommend this book for mystery lovers. You should read this book!

  5. cowgirls101 says:

    This book is very good, if you like creepy books. I think you would like this book.
    I like the book because it gave me chills and it had a lot of details of the characters in the book. If you like to get scared, this book is for you!

  6. the man of diamonds pro says:

    I recommend this book for adventure and mystery lovers. It scared me out of my skin! It was a good DCF book.

  7. says:

    This is a very good book. I liked it a lot . It was kind of scary, but a good one. I really liked reading about all kinds of adventures the characters go on. The ending was good! I didn’t think that was going to happen!! I recommend this book for people who like spooky stories.

  8. swaging wagging says:

    I enjoyed this book because I liked the mystery parts. And how sometimes it was suspenseful, like when the boat tips over with the main characters and the doll in it. If you like mystery you should read this book.

  9. hashtag#selfie says:

    Doll bones is a very creepy book because the doll was on the counter one minute and when Poppy turned around she was gone. And they had to go on a adventure with the doll because they it was haunted. I would recommend this book as a scary novel.

  10. jd hog says:

    I liked this book because it is kinda an spooky story about three kids going on an adventure with a doll. I liked when they got caught in a library. It mad a great read aloud

  11. SWAG MONSTER says:

    This book is great!!! the book was a little creepy. The doll Eleanor is weird because of the mischief she causes on their journey with Alice, Poppy and Zach πŸ˜€

  12. lauma._ fought_back_:D says:

    I thought that Doll Bones was a really good book, well if you are like me and like adventure and sort of spooky stories, just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Zach, Alice and Poppy are 3 adventurous kids, They find a doll, not just any doll. But they have to bury it because …..

  13. Bunnyissad says:

    I loved this book it had a grate ending I would love to read this book over and over againl

    Well, as soon as you have finished the rest of the list, you should! — Kate Davie

  14. Haflinger ponymeg10 says:

    I loved this book. It was creepy and a bit scary. A chill went down my back when the doll communicated with them. It really hooked you. The main characters Poppy , Zach and Alice are very brave and the doll is very creepy. If you love adventure books than this one is for you.

  15. HSRTS says:

    I just read this book and I really liked it. It is kind of creepy but good. I like reading about all the adventures they go on. The ending was very good I did not think that was going to happen! I would recommend this book to anyone that is thinking about reading it.

  16. merissa22 says:

    i dislike this book because I read a copel of pages of this book and i was scared so if you like scarey books this is the one to read!

    Ms. Black sure does scary well! But everyone has their own tolerance for scary. Don’t worry, there are some more cheerful books on the DCF list too! Kate Davie

  17. Kit-Kat says:

    I loved the book Doll Bones! I think the author was very descriptive I felt as if I were in the book!!!

  18. Srbruins says:

    The doll on the cover what’s her name ?
    This book look scare but cool. Will this book give you nightmares ?

    Well, reading the book would be the best way to find out more about the doll on the cover. The book didn’t give me nightmares, but it did make me look at dolls differently! — Kate Davie

  19. Amelia says:

    The book was described to me as creepy, but it was actually very good. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Many readers love it when “creepy” and “good” are combined in the same book! — Kate Davie

  20. bookworm says:

    This book was bone chilling and made my blood run cold. It was scary and full of energy all in one.This author is amazing and I hope she writes some more books so I can read them!

    Check out her website at <>! She has written enough books to keep you reading for a long time! — Kate Davie

  21. Murloaf says:

    This book was well thought out.It was creative,exciting and action packed.I enjoyed following Zach,Poppy and Alice on there adventure to Ohio at midnight.

  22. librarylady says:

    I really liked this book. The characters all learn something about themselves and something about each other. Very interesting author choice of how the Queen was seen by the children close to her and how adults saw her. Could the girl’s mother ever have seen her the way other adults did and still put her in the cabinet?

  23. Ari 21 says:

    This book sounds really good. I love creepy books. I can’t wait to read it

  24. Book Lover says:

    This was a good book but it was kind of creepy…

  25. Bergy37 says:

    #AWESOME![Extra punctuation deleted. Kate Davie]

  26. Bergy37 says:

    I liked the book, even though it was pretty creepy. The plot was very good.

  27. PACKERS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! says:

    This book is not that good

    Fortunately for you, there are other books on the list, and fortunately for Holly Black, other DCF readers, so we have something for everyone! Kate Davie

  28. G-unit says:

    I got to say the book isn’t good, but it was still decent.

  29. BC says:

    This book was good

    Do you think you would like this book if someone in your family owned a big display case full of dolls? Kate Davie

  30. SS7 says:

    This book is good

    Which part did you like best? Kate Davie

  31. jamespumpernickel31 says:

    James Pumpernickel31 says it was a good book

    Do you think he will ever tell us WHY he thinks it’s a good book? Kate Davie

  32. lesmisfan12342 says:

    Doll Bones Is an awesome book. Although it is a little disturbing it is still one of the best books I have ever read.

  33. CAMO=^-^=CRAZY says:

    when we watched book trailers i really wanted to read this book first and it was trailer and i love horror books and movies

  34. ARS says:

    I really like the book because it has a lot of adventure.

  35. #BEST says:

    I want to read this book,it looks good but by what you guys have been says it creepy but i dont care it looks good.

  36. booklady says:

    demonstrating how to blog!

    I hope it was convenient for you — please let me know if you have any problems. Does this means we will be seeing friends of yours soon? Kate Davie

  37. booklady says:

    this book reminds me of Coraline a little

  38. MJ got dat power says:

    man…i read the begining its so creepy…made from ashes really?! πŸ™

  39. cute puppy says:

    i want to read tis book so bad it look creepy and cool

  40. puppylover says:

    I want to read this book it looks good but creepy!

    Right on both counts! Kate Davie

  41. yologirly524 says:

    I saw the trailer and i looks really creepy and i think it would be great to read and i deffinetly want to sign up for DCF and read a bunch of these wonderful book and i really love reading and this seams like a really good book and i love books that seem creepy and are also like a biography.

    I think you are absolutely headed in the right direction, and I hope you will post again when you begin reading your DCF books. Kate Davie

  42. james says:

    i haven’t read it yet but it seems creepy.

    Yes — it’s a good Halloween season read! — Kate Davie

  43. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    no not yet. Lil

  44. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    No but thanks for a reminder. Lil

  45. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    Um I am not quite sure what that means

    Ha! It means that sometimes I don’t proofread well enough. I had intended to say, have you talked to your librarian about getting a copy to read? Kate Davie

  46. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    So I have wanted to read this so bad.

    Have you talked to your librarian about get a copy? Kate Davie

  47. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    I have been wanting to read this and it looks like a good book.

  48. Happy Booklady says:

    I am reading this aloud to the 5th graders in my school and so far about half of us are scared!

    Yay! A success story! I was definitely in the scared half. Kate Davie

  49. demigod says:

    Hi people I’m back and excited for the new list! I’ve only read a few so far, Doll Bones being one of them. It certainly is a bit creepy, but not so much as people will tell you.

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