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Counting by 7s

on June 21, 2014

counting 7sby Holly Goldberg Sloan.

Twelve-year-old genius and outsider Willow Chance must figure out how to connect with other people and find a surrogate family for herself after her parents are killed in a car accident.

21 Responses to “Counting by 7s”

  1. kait1212 says:

    I love the book! It was well written and fun to read

  2. Pompeii7 says:

    This is my favorite book of all time! I feel so bad for Willow, having lost both her parents at the same time. She feels out of place and doesn’t know what to do. She tries to go on with her life without them. She makes good friends with unexpected people and she knows she will be alright. It was so interesting!!! I totally recommend this book!!!

  3. Katyperry4 says:

    I just fell really bad for the girl because she lost her parents at 12 years old

  4. Librarywhiz says:

    Counting by 7’s was one of my favorites. The main character has an interesting personality. I loved the middle. I enjoyed reading this book. I hope there are more books like this.

  5. Dumbledore2005 says:

    I loved this book. It is very interesting to hear willows story, even though it may not(or may) be real. But I agree, it is quite sad.

    This book is in the fiction section in my library. Do you think it may be a true story? — Kate Davie

  6. HSRTS says:

    I just read this book and I enjoyed it. I think that Willow is a very kind character, she always puts others before her. This is also a very sad book I feel bad for Willow.

  7. HSRTS says:

    I just finish the book and I really liked it.
    I would rate this book a 8 out of 10. I think that they should make this book into a movie.

    If you were directing the movie, who would you cast for the lead? — Kate Davie

  8. eb says:

    I agree that the first part is very sad.I also think it is a exiting awesome book.

  9. eb says:

    I thought it would take a long time for me to read Counting by
    7’s.But because it is so interesting and exciting that I could not stop reading.Even though it is a 378 page book it is worth reading.I think it is a great book.

  10. eb says:

    to anyone that has not read this book.
    If you like exiting (and some times sad)books you should read
    Counting by 7’s.

  11. eb says:

    I wonder why Quang-ha hates Willow so much at first and then
    they are good friends.

    I bet some avid DCF reader will be able to answer this for you. — Kate Davie

  12. jade says:

    ive read about the description about this book and honestly it seems amazing! i cant wait to read this book, you have really wrote a book that has got alot of peoples attention, i just cant wait till i can get my fingers on this book! you have done well kate davie, im sure when i read this amazing piece of book art my heart will be touched! good luck Kate davie, you’ll hear from me soon!

    If you want to contact the author after you have read the book you can find out how at this page <> on her website. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about this book! — Kate Davie

  13. Jessie says:

    i’m looking forward to read this book. it seems very good so iv’e heard. cant’t wait!Iv’e heard that it’s very heart braking in the first part. I hope i can respond back about the book when i red it.

    I hope you can too! Let us know if you agree about how the first part makes you feel.– Kate Davie

  14. ZVR says:

    Counting by 7’s is a such a great book!!!!!! It has a sad start but gets happier. Willow is a Inspirational girl in this book and I’m surprised she made it through what happened.

  15. sara20145 says:

    I keep re-reading this book over and over again! You guys really should read it, it’s so awesome!

    Do tell us more! Why is it awesome? — Kate Davie

  16. Book Lover says:

    I really want to read this book!

    Please let us know what you think about it when you do! Kate Davie

  17. #awesome says:

    I am just starting this book and hopefully it is really good but I am thinking that it will be because every DCF book that I have personally read has been wonderful if you read it hopefully you like it too

  18. Louisa says:

    Very touching. It is a great book, but very very VERY sad.

  19. Tia says:


    I haven’t started it yet but I cant wait to start. I have it at home and am going to start tonight

    Make sure you let us know how you like it! Kate Davie

  20. acknowledgment123 says:

    I really really really think that this book would be great and i wanna read it so bad but some one else has it out its really sad from what i have learned from the book trailer

    It is great, and don’t worry, I’m sure your librarian will help you catch up with it! It does have really sad parts, but it is not bleak,and it will be worth the wait! Kate Davie

  21. lilchlosterpink9 says:

    this looks like a nice book . Lil

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