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33 Minutes . . . Until Morgan Sturtz Kicks My Butt

on June 21, 2014

33 minutesby Todd Hasak-Lowy.

An epic lunch period leads to a fateful showdown as small, skinny seventh-grader Sam’s former best friend–now a popular athlete–promises to beat Sam up at recess in exactly thirty-three minutes.

52 Responses to “33 Minutes . . . Until Morgan Sturtz Kicks My Butt”

  1. eagle says:

    i rely like the book it is very funny and cool.i really like most of the books that you make.the best one is 33 minutes out of all of them.

  2. stickman says:

    I really liked the book it was very funny it was my favorite book. I like the part when it shows all of the faces that Mr.griegs shows.

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