Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Last Day on Mars

A sci-fi thriller. Liam and Phoebe, who have grown up on Mars, are prepared to leave with 100 million passengers on board the Scorpius when their planet becomes uninhabitable–but are left behind when an explosion decimates their parents’ terraforming lab. Robots, extraterrestrials, and a universal struggle for survival. The first of a trilogy.

Felix Yz

Finding your identity is difficult for any middle school student but Felix Yz  has been accidentally fused to a super-intelligent alien life form. Read the secret blog of Felix Yz as he faces a potentially deadly operation to separate him from the alien…and survive middle school.

Orphan Army, The (Nightsiders #1)

9781481415750In a futuristic world where earth is under attack from alien bug invaders, Milo Silk is not a hero. Does Milo have what it takes join wolf-girl, Evangelyne, and the mysterious Nightsiders in the battle to save earth and themselves?




The One Safe Place

Devin lives on a farm with his grandfather.
When his grandfather dies, Devin travels to the mysterious city to look for help. He finds a run-down world of extreme poverty and extreme wealth. The rich people control the water in this hot, dry world. Devin befriends a girl named Kit who shows him how to survive on the streets.
There is rumored to be an orphanage at the edge of the city where children can be safe. Kit and Devin go in search of comfort but find a nightmare. Rich people pay to “borrow” their bodies and memories to relive their childhoods. And children like Kit, with unhappy childhoods, disappear mysteriously. How can they get out?

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