Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Nowhere Boy

on September 21, 2019

How does a community absorb an increasingly desperate group of refugees, while keeping
everyone safe from terrorism? Max is unhappy about his family’s one-year stint in Brussels,
Belgium, until he meets Ahmed, a Syrian refugee boy who’s been secretly living in his basement.
Max’s neighbors are angered by terrorist attacks in the news and would gladly report Ahmed if they
saw him. The boys form a bold plan to help Ahmed stay under cover in Marsh’s gripping and
suspenseful novel.

3 Responses to “Nowhere Boy”

  1. Linda Kautzman says:

    This is my favorite books so far. I learned so much about the hardships of refugees around the world.

  2. Gavin says:

    I loved this book it shows friendship, and ambition showing a boy in poverty and hiding just wanting his normal life back. I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys adventurous, and suspenseful books.

  3. What does Max consider the problems in his life at the beginning of the book? How does he change?

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